Triangle Strategy voice acting lackluster?

  1. I get what you mean. It doesn’t flow like a normal conversation at all. It’s like each person recorded their lines one at a time, in isolation.

  2. That’s how voice acting is done very often in studios these days with few exceptions, but what makes or breaks voice acting is sometimes the voice director, and before then budget concerns, etc. I forget the example used but one English dub the VA had a dismal performance in one game but was stellar in another.

  3. I'm turning the voices off. I don't think a game like this needs them anyway, FF Tactics and Tactics Ogre were just fine without them. For a game like this I'd rather read fast than listen as I've heard it's excessively chatty.

  4. I guess in analog with this you can turn it to JP voices. You can get a taste of emotion in the tone while also not being vulnerable to any cheesy word choice (since you don't understand it)

  5. I think this is it. As someone who’s put hundreds of hours into FFT and TO:LUCT, it’s almost a 1:1 with minor exceptions. Which should be great in theory, but the horrendous VA/direction paired with the circular banal conversations make it feel like a parody of those games.

  6. A lot of the voice actors are actually good, but the problem seems to be that the voice director was bad / totally apathetic. There's just no consistency to speak of. That said, I'm enjoying it all the same.

  7. It's not necessarily all the voice director's fault. If they got bad or no information from the localizers or Japanese side of things, there's only so much they can do.

  8. That sounds like Octopath. God, the endless prattling and circular repetition of meaningless bullshit in that game. A character could have 5 paragraphs and literally just be spinning their wheels. It's not enough to make it simply look like a classic Square game, you've got to have strong writing. Sounds like they didn't learn their lesson from the narrative clusterfuck that was Octopath.

  9. I'll also second that this was an issue in Octopath. My standards for JRPG dialogue aren't high, but characters in these games tend to talk stiffly or in circles. If I were being generous, I would call it highly stylized, but at least in localization it doesn't come across as deliberately structured as, say, the Fourteeners in Dragon Quest XI.

  10. I got this vibe already a little bit from the first demo and some of the trailers. Some of the conversations felt kind of awkward. I imagine you can just turn off voice acting right? I might just do that and go through the game just text. Might feel more old-school that way anyway.

  11. The Japanese voices are pretty good so far. The direction just seems off with the English on top of just being bad.

  12. Most Japanese games that aren't big budget basically just hire the cheapest LA kids that would only be doing random background NPC chatter in most other games because the more talented English VAs can make a lot more money getting the big roles in those games. Even more common with anime than games

  13. What's weird is that there's not even a need to match mouth-flaps or anything. Usually the biggest hurdle in dubbing is matching mouth-flaps and fitting the dialogue to the timing of the original. In Persona 5 the more dynamic cutscenes (dynamic in terms of camerawork) feature voice-acting as a result, whereas the rest of the game is fantastic because the player controls the pacing. So I don't know why that's an issue with Triangle Strategy.

  14. Every bit of the budget that went towards voice actors was wasted. It did nothing for the game, and actually actively detracts from it imo. It all could've gone somewhere else to further improve the parts of the game that mattered,

  15. I am reserving judgement. What's there is pretty bland, but I suspect it might also be a conscious decision to keep everyone flat and boring during the stiff formal discussions the game has early on. Hopefully we hear some real emotion once shit starts hitting the fan.

  16. I really thought that they'd improve the voice acting after last year's demo. It seems like we've been getting an influx of new voice actors in the US for a while now, and as you'd expect, a lot of them sound pretty amateurish. In my mind, I feel like going the FFXII route and getting stage actors for the voice acting would've been great. Alas, we've ended up with this, and I'm not the biggest fan of playing games with solely Japanese voice acting, so amateur voice acting it is for me.

  17. They had this same issue with Octopath Traveler. I was hoping they learned from this and would improve the dialogue and voice acting.

  18. It could be less about the voice acting and more about the voice direction. I have not played the demo but I plan to likely this weekend or next week when I have some free time.

  19. I wish they would’ve gotten the VA direction that the cast from FF XII got, even though it did have several classically trained theater actors which helps greatly.

  20. Playing the game with japanese audio and english subtitles seemed to really help for me. Since i cant tell if the japanese voice acting is good or bad. My brain just assumes its good haha

  21. The dialogue is the problem. It’s… just terrible. Stiff, stuffy, overwrought — definitely not worth the tedium of the three or four cutscenes that I have to slog through between battles.

  22. It's weird that we have this European style medieval setting, with a poor attempt Shakespeare styled dialogue and then it's spoken in American accents. It's just distractingly bad. I actually fell asleep listening to it.

  23. This is the problem right here! We have a European medieval setting and the voice cast sound like something out of a John Wayne film. Absolutely criminal.

  24. It's the inconsistency that kills it: the same characters will be speaking to one another in modern English and then dip into horribly inaccurate Ye Olde speak out of nowhere.

  25. I completely agree with you. Something is very weird and uncanny about the actual mixing/microphones used, as well. It almost has a "close-talking" element to it that makes me cringe in a similar way to how ASMR does (god, I hate ASMR).

  26. You're absolutely right. Half the time it's terrible and the other half has no flow. It's like I'm listening to bad AI have a conversation.

  27. I feel like the voices are good, but there's little to no direction. Some of the VA is solid, but the lack of consistency across the voices isn't something that I appreciate.

  28. I agree with all the other games you listed but XBC2 was horrible lol, I hope Triangle Strategy is better than that

  29. Expecting every JRPG to have VA work as good as FF12 or Fire Emblem 3H is probably setting your expectations too high. I still enjoy English dub even if its not that great, perfect example is Valkyrie Profile, the stunted and stilted talking pattern I just got used to. You too, shall overcome this.

  30. VP is enjoyable despite that issue because the voices themselves are so good and full of character. Like how scruff Arngrim and Badrach sound, it's quite a theatrical flare to it.

  31. I mean, a lot of fluent Japanese speakers have said the JP VA is pretty bad too. It's just easy to ignore when you can't speak (much of) the language, and can't pick up on the nuances.

  32. Octopath had this exact same problem. Individual scenes or line reads could be great, but conversations with multiple parties can get real bad, real fast.

  33. This is what put me off Octopath Traveler, honestly made it unplayable for me. I prefer 2d games to not have voice acting altogether though.

  34. Square Enix is generally pretty hit or miss when it comes to voice over in their games, I think it amounts to errors in the translation from the original Japanese to English

  35. SE voice acting infuriates me a lot lol. The only good voice acting theyve done is FFXII and FFXV. Maybe I was spoiled by good VA games like FF12 and Fire Emblem franchise.

  36. Probably on point because you can't understand it to tell the difference, lol. JP VA is just as prone to bad quality or direction as EN VA.

  37. As someone who overall liked the story and characters in Octopath, voice acting direction and dialogue were weaknesses for sure. That may have carried over here.

  38. A couple actors seem to undulate in delivery effort. Overall I’m very satisfied it’s just there’s moments the direction or effort sorta just drive off the road.

  39. if it doesn't improve in the final product, I'd just mute the voice acting. or use the japanese dub, if it doesn't sound like cringe anime.

  40. It feels like a problem with direction. Most of the actors have turned in fine performances in other work, but the way lines are spoken don't feel like acting. They feel like "ACTING!"

  41. You guys ever see that NakeyJakey video about bad voice acting? I'm about this close to going on stream for the first time ever just to dub over everyone.

  42. I wouldn't it's terrible, I mean there are some pretty big name VAs in here, but it is a bit weird and takes a bit to get moving. I think the main issue is the flow is broken up it being text boxes. It's very stiff and the music is a bit off from tone in a lot of situations.

  43. The only thing consistent in the voice acting is Serenoa sounding like he's just reading lines offstage somewhere just before the big performance.

  44. I personally don't think so. I think the voice acting is fine for the kind of story TS is. The only voice I have issues with is Cordelia, who just sounds weird and kinda whiny to me. But TS's voice acting is still better than a lot of the old, bad anime dubs from the 90s. At least it's not Garzey's Wing level bad.

  45. To me so far the voice acting is mixed. It's not the worst but there's also some really bad voice acting. Benedict's voice actor sounds like he's there for a paycheck and nothing more he's got zero emotion at all put into the lines and while I see small amounts of incompetence elsewhere at least the other actors are trying.

  46. Some characters have a great delivery. I am a huge fan of Dragans Voice Acting. He's easily my favourite Character in the English cast due to it.

  47. I feel like Triangle Strategy might be another victim of Lockdown voice acting where people were given lines to record and send in independently. I don’t anything about the process Triangle Strategy went through btw, I’m just suggesting this cause it reminds me of Persona 5 Strikers’ voice acting which I know suffered a similar fate

  48. the localization is really solid, it's just parred with american accents that are all just very bland. They should've gone with british isle's to fit the world setting.

  49. It’s so bad… I think would have been better with English VA or maybe some refined Australian (cate Blanchett type accent). I’m finding it really jarring and emotionless :/ think I might switch to Japanese audio with English subs see if that helps …

  50. This game has got some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard. Every single characters has a really strong American accent and half of them can’t voice act. It’s beyond terrible. I’m almost at the point of putting it in Japanese

  51. Not that your point isn't valid, but this is pretty common in jrpgs, and when the English dubs are too cringe, i always switch to Japanese. They're almost always better because voice acting is taken seriously over there

  52. This is a pretty disrespectful take. This idea that no one in the world takes voice acting seriously except the Japanese is just ridiculous. So many incredibly talented video game VAs that just get 0 respect for no reason.

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