I do care !

  1. Jan 6th hearings have been republicans vs republicans and I am watching and enjoying the schadenfreude but also infuriated at what happened and will be happening again.

  2. Republicans saying Americans don't care about January 6th is the adult equivalent of kids jamming their fingers in their ears and screaming at the top of their lungs so they cannot hear what the grown ups in the room have to say. A bit of a flight response when you know you simply cannot realistically defend (fight) what happened, especially when a majority of people testifying happen to be other Republicans.

  3. Been watching each hearing. It's interesting to me learning about all the moving parts of that day. There are many people that need to be held accountable.

  4. It’s a personal attack on me and my vote. A few assholes are trying to take MY country and invalidate my vote.

  5. I'm watching the hearings as I type this. And the horrors that some of these people have faced because of something that an absolute fool of a man said. or did. at least a lot of questions are being answered in these hearings. it's a scary world to think that he could come back in some way

  6. I care. January 6th was an attack on this great experiment we call the United States of America and her Constitution. It was an attack on the Capital and Metropolitan police, literally and figuratively. It was an attack on every man and woman that has ever defended this country during wartime. It was an attack on life, liberty, and justice. January 6th was an attack on the truth and I CARE that the truth about that seditious day is exposed and documented, our future depends on it…I care!

  7. There's a hell of a difference between airing Trump's racist and misogynistic ramblings pre 2016, and airing the investigation into his treasonous attempt to overthrow democracy.

  8. Trump, MAGA, Tea Party, fuck it all. The GOP works for Russia, trying to destroy us from within.

  9. You don't think an attempted and continuing fascist take over America isn't one of the biggest issues in the world right now?

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