That's the whole story ???

  1. Hey here’s an envelope full of anthrax, I mean fake electors, I mean party invites. How’s about you do me a solid and take this to Trump, nooo Pence.

  2. That's the "non-story" according to Johnson. I think he believes that if he repeats it hundreds of times, it might come true.

  3. The intern's dog ate the real list of electors and he had no choice but to come up with a new one. So he got the names wrong. So what. Could happen to anyone.

  4. We all know what the interns look like and act like for these congress people; they are invariably recent or current college students and barely in their 20s, and there’s no way in fucking hell one of them could do this kind of thing without their boss’s awareness, nor would they want to!

  5. How ever it was Johnson's COS that sent the message to a Pence aid saying they wanted to hand deliver the illegal slates to Pence. I don't think he really would ever accept an envelope directly in his hand from a Senators intern

  6. I want to know who started the lie about the archive not getting the fake slate. That's the reason the staffer gave for the last-minute hand-off. But the archive DID get the fake slate. They just didn't send it on to Pence. So who came up with the lie? Johnson? The staffer? The tooth fairy? Who?

  7. Id love to help people who supported the insurrection pay the price i just dont know how click on my profile and u will have an idea of 1 business that did.. but they are in a republican area snd i was kicked off the forum OIP pizza is another

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