Politics is now banned on r/joerogan for the month of May

  1. At a glance from someone who sees this sub maybe every month or so, I wonder which topics will be aborted from discussion by this rule change?

  2. Sounds like they want to terminate unwanted topics that they've been gestating for months, and are claiming they were forced because they don't want to accept responsibility for what they've birthed

  3. THIS comment is extremely UNDERrated. Seems the subreddit is moving away from Plan B and on to Plan A. This is probably the jurisprudent decision given the amount of right wing clickbait memes by one of the mods the last few weeks.

  4. Wow this place is a political shithole for literally years, but NOW, TODAY, it's time to temporarily ban politics?

  5. huh funny how that works.. the most political topic of our generation on which Im sure Joe Rogan's take would be "... Democrats made Republicans do this" can no longer be discussed.

  6. Remember the mod said they will be “subjectively” deciding if something fits the criteria or not. they’ve already laid the game plan out where they will connect or unconnect said dots at their subjective pleasure.

  7. No cause hes a little whiny conservative bitch boy who thinks being a mod on reddit is some semblance of power lol

  8. I wonder why they chose today? Certainly no big political news out last night or anything like that…

  9. Lads you let the Elon Musk / trans / COVID stuff run amok for weeks or months on end, but one of biggest potential changes in the US political and social landscape and you immediately ban politics?

  10. This is the truth. You could post anything political if it was supported by the majority of users in the sub. But possibly posting a different opinion on abortion law, oh you get banned.

  11. Oh and Tim Dillon tweets. There’s a few weeks of daily tweets from him from people not realizing his entire schtick is mocking the extremes of both sides.

  12. Oh, they're fine with non-stop conservative shit. Because that's not politics or whatever for them.

  13. These Mods couldn't run a bath properly. The only thing more pathetic than a normal reddit mod are these group of knuckle draggers

  14. They don’t want free speech for you. They want free speech for themselves. You can go fuck your self. Free speech? They are trying to run a shit-tier subreddit here, don’t get in their way, or they’ll turn this thing into another

  15. We all know what this is about. The new generation of JRE listeners are uncritical fanboys who don’t like that his political opinions do not hold up to scrutiny and discussion. After all of the griping about free speech that’s going on the last year to do this today is absolutely pathetic. Is there anyone with the capability to start a JRE politics sub?

  16. It's so pathetic. All these people who go on and on about free speech just want the freedom to express their views but they don't give a shit about anyone else being able to express their own.

  17. It’ll probably last the same amount on the show too. Joe’s gonna bring it up in passing and then complain about not being able to dead name people or whatever the fuck he saw in fox news

  18. What a bunch of fucking babies. Its a JOE ROGAN sub. The dude got famous for talking about shit on podcasts, and lately has a very political lean. And now suddenly we can only talk about someone else talking about shit? Fucking lame.

  19. Lmao this sub has been nothing but trans fake culture war bullshit for over a year and suddenly now y’all care about limiting political posts when there’s an issue that actually affects peoples lives? Y’all are such a bunch of soft-ass pussies

  20. Exactly, nothing to see here, we just spontaneously decided to do this 3 days into the month for no particular reason

  21. I agree that the abortion topic being so bad for conservatives is a large part of this “timing”. I’ve been wanting politics out of here. But it took abortion? One of the first IMPORTANT political issues in along time here.

  22. This sub has gone sooo far downhill with all the irrelevant political posting. If the mods should've acted, it would've been a year ago

  23. The unelected moderators of this sub are obviously right-wingers to not let us have this important national conversation here. Honestly I would rather talk about abortion here than in many other places on the interwebs.

  24. Can't have the impression broken that many current listeners are disenfranchised liberals like Tim Pool and not just outright conservative monarchists/nationalists like Tucker Carlson.

  25. So banned in May "temporarily", but can we expect the same "temporary" ban to happen if Biden decides to add more Supreme Court Justices which would throw Republicans into outrage here? Or anything else similar that will draw similar outrage from the Right as to the leaks on abortion from last night?

  26. how do these people, who are usually saying I don't want the government to tell me what to do... how do they justify the banning of abortion?

  27. You should have made this a vote instead of unilateral decision from a obviously bias coward fuck like this mod.

  28. Alex Jones banned from twitter because his followers are hounding the parents of murdered kids = free speech violation

  29. Aren't these the same mods praising free speech on Twitter bs? Oh right it's only free speech when they are saying what you want.

  30. What they are hiding is the fact that no one has ever been able to make a good argument on the anti abortion side of the argument. You either need to invoke god or change the literal definition of words in order to make a good argument.

  31. All the fake culture wars were fun and games. Painting 60% of the country the same as crazy tik Tok libs. When the christian Taliban republicans actually take away peoples freedoms, and you people can’t spin it….time to ban political talk.

  32. "Hey, let's watch the football game at my place. It's gonna be awesome. I fucking love football."

  33. This is ignoring the fact that Joe is able to talk about politics on his podcast for 50% of his show and no one is able to refute what he says. The reason there are so many Conservative posts is because you guessed it, Joe has become a Conservative over time.

  34. Honestly I don’t like subs when they seem to lean in one direction rather than the other. But in this sub I feel like it is a good balance of both sides so I honestly don’t mind it. But this is obviously because of Roe V Wade

  35. The mods are scared that this subreddit might be the next one to be nuked if they don't push back at all the hateful garbage they've allowed the past 2 years on the basis of "freedom of speech" and "muh rights"

  36. Posts about abortion rights are not banned right? Because Joe has talked about that multiple times on his podcast.

  37. In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia." George Orwell

  38. I hate the fact that mods can ban certain things from subs. Like fuck you let the people post whatever they want. You’re not god.

  39. I'm actually glad you did this, shows how fucking stupid you are to some fence sitters and how hypocritical the right is with free speech bullshit, and your tiny ego wont let you fix your mistakes, I appreciate it.

  40. Lol who the fuck censors topics on a Joe Rogan forum? If it's too much shit for mods to clean up, don't take volunteer internet jobs? Internet janitors are the fucking worst.

  41. What's funny about the this so called "free speech" subreddit was that as soon as shit hit the fan, the mods were like "ok so about that freedom of speech..."

  42. You guys are some pussies! I love it when the subs that have built themselves up as hotbeds for radicalism suddenly decide they want nothing to do with politics. I’d try to bury my head in the sand too if I had worshipped some moron like Joe Rogan. All the edgelord fascist-curious shit is finally starting to bother you guys?

  43. The incels that mod this subreddit are showing to be typical thin skinned pussies. This mod has no problem posting boomer right wing memes just yesterday, and now all of a sudden he wants to shut down conversation of criticisms he’s not prepared for. Just like Trump, talking that shit them cowering. Snowflake needs a safe space. All the whining about cancel culture and here we are, the irony lost on these mouth breathers. No amount of Alpha Brain can save you. You think you are owning the libs with coward cancel culture shit? What happened to free speech? you bunch of window lickers.

  44. Burying your head in the sand is the official stance the JRE sub is taking? So be it. I always enjoyed the fact that this sub has a diverse following and I routinely gain perspective and alternative viewpoints from their discussions here. I suppose those conversations can be had elsewhere, but politics are such an important topic in todays world.

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