Timing a little dicey dicey b?

  1. In theory there are conservatives who can tolerate the existence of differing opinions. The mods today came out as, well, not that kind of conservatives.

  2. As a conservative myself, you can sugg diggs, fugg chiggs, get abortions, marry a man and talk about it all you want… it’s not like conservative = anti free speech

  3. It's nice to come into this sub and not know any context of this picture but I'm very much used to the story because every other sub has shifty mods ruining them too.

  4. A month ago or two, you guys were fanboying for Lia Thomas and not giving a fuck about women’s sports or being able to define a woman. Pick a lane.

  5. This is how all you neolib cucks are going to spin this one just cause you can't post your bullshit all day any more?

  6. Is that what you kids are calling ripping babies from the womb limb by limb after murdering them these days? Supporting women, lol.

  7. Did you hear him talking to Brian Moses and Freddie Gibbs about having vr sex with who ever you want and Joe says “you could have sex with the hulk!” Hahahaha

  8. How do you even become a mod? Can someone with a lot of money who wants to influence shit pay a mod to get a spot? It’s all so fake

  9. Have zero credentials or drive to do anything meaningful in real life. Also, having an inferiority complex after years of social trauma secondary to being essentially ostracized for being an awkward, unpleasant and/or annoying person.

  10. You have to send a messenger pigeon to Reddit HQ. They then send you a camcorder and an assortment of butt plugs. You have to demonstrate the flexibility of your asshole on tape for them to consider you getting mod status. Once you're able to fit a wine bottle up your ass you get consideration for admin status.

  11. Mods decided to ban political posts in this sub the morning after the news about the Supreme Court probably overturning roe vs wade. After a year of non-stop political postings about covid. Mods showed their hand a little too hard about their own personal agenda/shaping the discourse within this sub.

  12. Gay mod would be firing away at the person standing in front. They post their political bullshit all they want and then gets all pissy when a certain piece of news comes out. Should be replaced.

  13. I am 100% against abortion and also against what these mods are doing. Do you retards want free speech or not?

  14. That fucking special was so weird with the fake mexican accent n shit holy fuck. Why didnt anyone tell him dude this is not funny try something else!

  15. It’s not like talking about politics achieves anything here aside from pointless unproductive arguments.

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