It really do be like that..

  1. Played xin today. Bot lane dies before my first clear because they tried to cheese enemy bot and died to lvl 2 eve l,who enemy leashed for. Kept dying.

  2. "Alright, i've set up a freeze, all their farm is being denied, and I am 2 kills up. I'm pretty set to make some big plays with my team, or be an unstoppable splitpusher if need be. Aaaaaaaand nevermind, their jungle is 5/0 off our botlane."

  3. Bro i love the dynamic of top lane (the 1v1 chess battle) but it’s fucking never that and the champs have become so goddamn toxic you don’t respect the autopilot oneshot juggernaut and you just fucking die. You know top is shit when darius is a matchup I pray for

  4. I love jungle in this game, playing this lurking force that goes anywhere on the map, striking into a lane at any moment, giving buffs to his team, stealing enemy camps and sometimes hunting the enemy jungler off his own camps. I love this role even tho it's the most flamed role I don't care I just /mute all and have fun !

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