Scamming a scammer

  1. I keep seeing these videos where people scam the scammers and I just saw one where buddy drained 20k from a scammers account.

  2. For the most part scamming isn't really illegal If you're just very unspecified when speaking on what you're taking the money for. "Your $500 will goto helping foreigner" aka meaning I'm broke and want your money and it'll help me.

  3. That scammer is working at a scam centre and 500$ is roughly 40k Rupees which is more than twice of his monthly salary.

  4. So with these scams, they get you to buy these cards and what's supposed to happen is the victim reads the number off to the scammer so they can redeem the card. But instead, Kit just redeems it for himself. The reason the scammer is mad is because at this point, it's probably been a good couple hours trying to get Kit to buy these and trust me, he doesn't make it easy for them.

  5. These people create disdain for an entire culture. If you are from a country where scam centers are prominent, do your entire population a service and beat the ever living shit out of anyone you know who does scams people for their "job". Low life garbage that deserve to lose their hands.

  6. Well, doesn't help when the local police is corrupt as hell, these call centers do run a "legitimate" business to avoid legal trouble, and also, even if cops come knocking on thier door, they just bribe them, the only time when police actually make some arrests is when things get kinda big, the last time i remember was Jim Browing, Karl Rock and a few other YouTubers came together to crackdown on one of those, arrests were made and that's the end of it

  7. His videos are really long sometimes and it's perfect background buffoonery to laugh at when I'm drinking and housecleaning on the weekend

  8. It's probably because a lot of scam calls we have gotten are from call centers in India and it feels better knowing one of those scammer just got thwarted.

  9. Video source? I want to know if he redeemed his own money or somehow fooled the scammer into giving him 500 instead

  10. The mixture of this guy's energy, the audio quality, his accent, and our man's face.... all lead me to falling off my chair dying 🤣🤣

  11. I would have told this guy, “Yes I HAD to redeem this. How else am I going to pay for sex with a guy from India with a small penis.”

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