Life sentence for Swedish teen for killing teachers with axe and knives | The perpetrator is believed to be the first 18-year-old to be given a life sentence in Sweden

  1. Let me guess, little weasel with no priors brutally kills two of his teachers and is expected to be rehabilitated in 25 years while in a slammer? I call it a waste of.... (fill in the blanks). Take his organs, and throw whatever is left in a gator pin. He will kill again except by then, he will be a 40 year old, mature and experienced killer.

  2. Ooor, 18 year olds have underdeveloped brains and he will, after just a few weeks/months, learn that no murder is worth jail time. It was an expensive adrenaline rush, one he will have ample time to regret.

  3. Life sentence is life sentence. After a while though the prisoner may apply to get the sentence changed. A court will then decide. There are indeed inmates who died and still will die during their life sentences because their pleas will be denied. These people are concidered to be too dangerous to release. He may be one of them.

  4. At least in the UK a "life sentence" typically means a certain period in prison, followed by a lifetime on licence (parole), meaning they have to abide by certain conditions for the rest of their life or they can be recalled to prison with little notice. I imagine it is a similar system elsewhere.

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