Time to buy a lottery ticket.

  1. I framed mine, it was a head bolt I took out when I was doing the timing belt on my Miata, it has maybe 10% of the material left holding it together.

  2. As a home mechanic, the joy of this would be quickly diminished when I go to the parts counter, show them the diagram of where that bolt is and that it's used all over the car and being told that they don't have it, and it costs $12 pp and will take 10-days to get in. Then looking up that bolt in another diagram from another manufacture that made the same car under a different name, told the same thing, and then being suggested that I could probably find it at a hardware store. Going to a hardware store, not finding it, so I try an auto parts store that also doesn't have it.

  3. Mine is the opposite. I have my finger dial indicator. The end with the point finger bit is touching the end that you hold it by. The dial was never found.

  4. In fact, I'd recommend he be extra careful driving, walking under anything heavy or sharp, stay away from windows, not use anything electric, and avoid carnivals for the next 24 hours.

  5. OP used up all his luck on the bolt not snapping and is making the common mistake that he still has a reserve of luck available to win on a lottery ticket.

  6. To expand on what others have said. The bolt nearly broke inside what it was fastening. If the bolt had broke it's a very difficult process to remove the rest of the bolt and requires left hand drill bits, a steady hand, maybe a bolt extractor, and luck. When drilling the bolt out you have to make sure you don't damage the threads of what the bolt is inside of.

  7. Bolt almost snapped off inside the hole before being fully removed. Easily a day ruiner when it happened. Either gotta extract it or drill a new hole and put new threads in

  8. What's the thread on this bolt? I've got something that's missing a few that are the exact length and thread as the one shown in the pic.

  9. Don't waste your money, your luck's all used up. In fact, don't cross the street or drive behind logging trucks

  10. Dude got lucky and managed to get the bolt out without it breaking...that can turn into a real cluster fuck of a headache if it does...so he's implying he has such good luck that he should get a lottery ticket....pretty sure all his luck is what got the bolt out though, so that wells done dried up son.

  11. This actually snapped during tightening not loosening. I'm guessing the force put on it over 30 years of spinning weakened it significantly.

  12. A bunch of different methods but best I've seen is welding another piece of metal to the set bolt that you can turn in some way to get it out

  13. Had this happen to me when torquing down bell housing bolts after a clutch replacement. heard the snap and never shit myself so hard. Luckily the snapped end of the stud come out literally hanging on by a thread.

  14. What's the best way to remove a bolt like this? Soak it in penetrating oil and then hit it with an impact? Or work it back and forth by hand?

  15. Hopefully it doesn't get to that point, because if it snaps, you may be able to tap it off-center with a flat head screwdriver in hopes it starts working free, or drill it and buy some of

  16. I'm curious what alloy that is where it was not too brittle to snap, but still maintained torque after it started to yield that much.

  17. If you look at the threads, there are signs of a patch application. So from where ever the screw was removed from, there was a tremendous amount of resistance which caused the screw to hold its place.

  18. This happened at the end of a water pump job, should've used a torque wrench to be honest but I definitely didn't crank it so hard that it should've snapped. Bolt was definitely weakened

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