Only one way for a Volvo technician to roll out.

  1. I had a black 740T which was half daily driver and half OG produce home delivery biz delivery truck. Last stop was usually up near Mt Rainier and the ride back down was always a blast.

  2. It was borderline, I'll tell you. I've got overload springs, but it definitely wasn't a fan. It was an OVERDRIVE OFF kind of ride.

  3. Bought my ā€˜93 240 off of the best Volvo mechanic maybe in the entire world. Worked exclusively on Volvos for 30 years and could diagnose an issue literally over the phone. Sadly decided to shut down his shop after COVID.

  4. I have a Volvo story to tell. I have owned the 850 sedan, an 850 turbo wagon, and 2 740 wagons. I loved those cars. One day on way to dealership in the 850T wagon (overheating issue) my then 4 year old daughter was with me. We got rearended.. didn't even scratch the paint. But after we spent several hours in dealership waiting on repair, she was intently taking in the Volvo safety ads and videos. When we got home and retelling the story of our "accident" she told everyone "if we hadn't been in a Volvo we would be dead!" šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ She's now 20 and still hasn't lived that down. šŸ¤£

  5. Possibly more so than some might think. I've been in a couple wrecks in bricks. The worst was an offset frontal crash, in a beater '92 940 (I guess new enough production for the fixed radiator support), hit by a speeding Hyundai that I forget the model of - but it was a 2016, and bigger and heavier than my car. We ended up pushed back 20ft or so from where it began. My car crumpled such that the front driver's side wheel almost touched the firewall, and the front of the bumper was just inches ahead of that. But, the cabin was pristine, and I only suffered worsening tinnitus. Despite being about 25 years newer, that Hyundai only crunched in maybe 1/3 as much as my poor brick*, had a shattered warped windshield, and pushed the pedal and steering wheel area of the cabin inwards, quite a ways, due to said lack of crumplage, to where she had to be helped out of the car. The driver's knees and down would have been goners, had the driver not been a short woman.

  6. My first mechanic gig was for the local Volvo specialist, in 1978, so we saw 140-series. Boss drove a 123GT.

  7. The world might end in the next 25 years, but that 240 will keep driving right into the apocalypse. Good on you for properly loading the trailer.

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