Did Kim pay TMZ for this story lmao

  1. Who would? There’s nothing to miss. Just a hollow blow up doll who takes on whatever characteristics the person they’re dating wants them to have and cosplays as that until it’s no longer convenient.

  2. Her body is boring. She looks so boring. Is this sexy to anyone who isn’t a horny teenage boy who has never touched a tit?

  3. Omg if this was in high school I would die of embarrassment never mind this full grown women behaving like this 🫣

  4. She’s so fucking desperate it’s making my spine crack from cringing so hard. Her kids will grow up and see all of this (and North is probably seeing it now). What she does to stay relevant at 42 years old is embarrassing and she should just focus on being a mom and protecting her kids from her nasty divorce instead of worrying about bringing random “it guys” into all of their lives for the clout and posting shit on social media. Okay sorry I’m done 🤣

  5. Right… they are knocking her door down. My ex BFs brother is in the NFL & has been for almost 15 years now with good contracts so he had a lot of money 50million at least. When he got married the woman he married was pretty & was not an internet hoe trying to trap him for child support. She was intelligent & worked as some type of scientist & she had like 8 years of higher ed. I think she kept working after they got married. Goes to show you that men value more than looks.

  6. Um, newsflash kimothy. You might be the least hot of all his list of beautiful women. Implants and a tummy tuck are like 7 grand in Miami. Plus beauty shines from within, and you're pretty dull.

  7. And she’s older than all them while simultaneously being the least mature (based on the constant IG model selfies). She’s stunted

  8. This is so interesting to me because they spent a lot of time together… he knows what she looks like without the filters and photoshop and liked her (I assume) perfectly how she was. It’s really sad how much she seems to loathe herself.

  9. If so, then it doesn’t matter what she looks like in the picture. When he sees her face, it just reminds him of whatever flaws he noticed before.

  10. When will these girls understand that posing like a mannequin is NOT SEXY. Look at her idol, MM, did she do these stoic poses like a statue?! No!!!

  11. Her stomach looks really weird too. Especially since we know what her real stomach looks like. Unless this is after a tummy tuck and more lipo. It’s giving lipo’d abs

  12. has anyone met anyone who actually wears skims? i find it fishy how they refer to it as a “billion dollar company” as often as they can yet i’ve literally never met a single person who wears them

  13. So true. Every review I’ve seen on tik tok, people are so unimpressed. They roll down and the only thing that people actually like is the lounge dress

  14. I do, and I love them. I have a few bodysuits and I think they’re incredible. However, I bought them a few years ago. Can’t speak for the current quality.

  15. Nah emrata is by far hotter...and the saddest thing for miss kim is she will never look like that with any kind of surgery or diet as emrata is really narrow boned

  16. I feel so bad for her kids who will forever be tormented by these choices of hers. I keep thinking that with every public thirstpost, every embarrassing thing she wears and says and does, she is teaching her kids, especially North, how to act. The behaviours she is patterning for her children will leave an indelible impression on their psyches. Makes me so grateful I had the parents I did, and it urges me to strive to be the best for my kid.

  17. Let’s pray the children decide not to emulate their family… I was not modelled anything healthy by my parents and have completely gone the opposite way

  18. If she did that’s sad because he does not give a fuck about her and he knows she fake and that’s not what she looks like and to be frank he’s already had a piece of her and he’s over it sorry

  19. It’s Kim she has to “win” the breakup! If Pete isn’t losing his mine over losing her then she can’t convince herself she’s the object of every mens affection.

  20. there is no way SKIMS is worth a billion dollars. who are they trying to fool? didn’t they learn from kylie’s forbes scandal?

  21. I was just fucking thinking that I was shocked I hadn’t seen any articles recently about how “Pete wants Kim and she’s better than Emily”

  22. She couldn’t be more sexualised in this pic and it’s giving absolutely no sex appeal. Like she’s just not sexy at all it’s like looking at a mannequin

  23. She is SO PATHETIC. Also everyone defending her about this post on the kuwtk sub literally just made me leave it… i just can’t anymore

  24. This is going to sound harsh but she has lost the very little sex appeal & attractiveness she had. Her boobs look fake like flesh colored SKIMS balloons & her stomach is giving lipo belly. Her ribs are showing and the blonde doesn’t agree with her face.

  25. Can we get an NSFW? I'm in the lobby of my hairdresser & don't want people to get the wrong impression. Not that I enjoy hot women but that I enjoy Kim. Seriously though.

  26. After the way she acted on the last episode, there is no way he misses her . Her Main character drama was so hard to watch . I was embarrassed watching the episode.

  27. I knew she post this pictures because she heard about Pete moving on lmao this is so embarrassing to do. What’s next? Find someone to have a date real soon? Can’t wait

  28. She looks painful if that makes sense. A body shouldn’t have to endure so much modification. I understand the concept of bimbofication, do I agree… not really but your body you choice.. but overall like what’s threshold on keeping up appearances. It’s not self gratification after a point.

  29. this isn't having the effect kim was aiming for. this is just pathetic. a woman her age acting like a jealous pick me, omfg. get over yourself kim

  30. If there's one thing in this world that I am certain of, it's that Kim Kardashian (beyond any reasonable doubt) 10/10 paid TMZ to post this 🤣

  31. Anytime I see that he’s dating someone knew I always think of the conspiracy that he tries to date all the top/high list celebs to find out what actually happened on 9/11 💀

  32. Guys her nose looks so off here! Sometimes I look at her and am so struck by how DIFFERENT she made herself look, even from one face ago. It’s so sad how she has completely destroyed her natural beauty

  33. Posts sexy lingerie pics - like she don’t do that all the time. well idk about sexy but the lingerie pics are there lol they’re not thirst traps when you post them every tuesday kimothy

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