Is it just me or does this kinda sound like she thinks she had her kids too young? Also doesn't she have them out all the time?

  1. I feel like she regrets having kids with Travis. I don’t think she regrets being a mum, it’s not like she’s a regular young mum who has to worry about finances and doesn’t get any help with the kids.

  2. This is the sound of regret. I’m surprised it happened so soon. I knew this day would come but I imagined it happening later. Her and Travis must have been going through sumn through this bc she only thinks her kids were worth it when her and Travis are okay. Lately she n travis aren’t ok and we haven’t seen her kids. It’s a pattern

  3. You’re highkey right damn. when her and Travis seem “good” you see those kids a lot more, even FKAW’s feet. Damn that’s a sad way to be

  4. This is the behavior a woman who wanted to be a young mom and have a wholesome home life but the father turned out to be a dead beat who doesn’t love her so she relies on her body to receive validation from strangers, which is all she’s ever known how to do. One of my friends had two kids straight out of high school and thought the father was the love of her life but he recently cheated and now she’s single and in her hoe phase that she missed out on pre-motherhood. I can’t speak for her but personally I was miserable in my hoe phase and I didn’t even have kids! Idk this type of situation just makes me sad, to not feel loved or valued by the father of your children, when a family of your own is all you ever wanted.

  5. You have a really good point. It makes me wonder- do you think Kylie started her family so early because she yearned to have that normal family life? I feel like she and Kendall were kinda left to the wayside when they were growing up because Cait was transitioning and her marriage to Kris was falling apart for years prior to that, Kris was always so involved with the four older kids and those two girls were left to do whatever they wanted to do. I think that Kylie probably always wanted a normal type of life (she’s even voiced this on the show) and thought a family would provide a sense of that but her fantasies of it didn’t match up to the realities of it.

  6. I get it. I spent my whole 20’s and early 30’s partying and just having fun. I felt like if I got married or had kids young, I would regret not enjoying myself. But now I am in my late 30’s, single with no kids and now I kind of regret the choices that I made 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. She seems like she regrets them but not because of not being able to show herself (which she does all the time).

  8. Just like Kris when she had 4 kids by the time she was 30 and then went into a rebellion where she would stay out partying all night then lock her door for days, causing the end of her marriage to Robert. I see a similar arc for Kylie once she realizes she squandered her youth.

  9. Yeah but kris was like 24 when she had her first kid, kylie was 20. I think it is a little difference. And those were other times when It was really common to be a mom at 24.

  10. Compared to most people including her sisters. She did have her kids pretty young. But she's finally 25 so the front of her brain probably formed and she actually logically realizes that fact now.

  11. yeah honestly when i look back at myself from before 25, i realize how wrong i was even though i thought i was totally right at the time. once i hit 25 i made so many changes to my life and was so grateful i hadn’t fucked it up because i really could’ve have at any given moment just because of my stupidity. i think she realized that as much as she wanted kids, it wasnt the right time yet and she lost all her young years to living the dream of someone else (kris?).

  12. Yeah, I definitely think she regrets them. Just because she said being a young mom sounds fun when she was 15 doesn’t mean anything. We all thought things as teens that we would shudder at now that we are older and wiser. I thought babies were so cute to ogle over when I was a teen, but I get so annoyed by children now that I’m 30. That prefrontal cortex shift is wild.

  13. To me it sounds like the Kris Jenner/ Kim Kardashian’s branding koolaid that she’s been pushed into. She wants to be a mom BUT these are the years she has to use her looks bc at a certain point it won’t be as acceptable for her to show every part of her body.

  14. Their vocabulary is so limited, they just sound completely devoid of any deep thoughts when they talk. Everything is a “vibe” or talking about their bodies.

  15. I think she regrets the timing, I mean what she was 19 when she got pregnant? Not to mention it was unplanned and with a guy she barely knew. She never got to chance to be single, grow into herself, or meet someone that actually values her as a person. Now she’s anchored herself forever to someone that at best feels lukewarm about her. She wants to play house and get married and she literally couldn’t have chosen the worst candidate.

  16. I personally think she sees her kids as accessories or play things. I’m sure she shows up for the happy fun stuff and the nanny whisks them away at the first sign of them needing actual parenting. I kinda got “I’m over it and I want to go out and have fun” vibes from that clip.

  17. Yes, I think you're so right about the KJ's kidccesories! Kylie definitely uses Stormi as an emotional support crutch, and Kimothy does the same with North. I can honestly say that there are times when bringing my kid to an event with me really does make it easier, makes it so I'm not showing up all alone with noone to talk to, it gives me something to do fussing over them and makes me feel more in my element. However, I can count on one hand how many times in 19 years that happened, it was always with my child's willing consent and more often than not, it would be an excuse to leave early.

  18. Why do they talk about everything like they’re fighting against external forces and not just literally reacting to their own decisions? Kendall “wishes” she could go to Wisconsin, Kylie “should” be naked, Khloe “hates” having to adhere to toxic beauty standards and post on Instagram etc etc. Like miss maams! Just go do wtf you want to be doing literally nothing is stopping any of them from anything 🙃

  19. I’m about 3 months older than her and I cannot fucking imagine having 2 kids. They’d get in the way of everything lmfao. Makes me almost feel sorry for her

  20. She was my age when she got pregnant and when I see how childrish I can be and how I still rely on my own parents it gives me anxiety to think about getting pregnant now

  21. Her whole personality revolves around being naked and flashing her botched tatas and elongated ass. Tells you the level of failure her parents and her whole family are.

  22. I find her really funny, I like her low key sense of humor. I’m not sure if we are reading too much into this comment because while she’s a funny and even kind person, I don’t think she’s super deep. I think what you see if what you get with Kylie.

  23. I think so too. Saying she flat out regrets motherhood (considering we do NOT actually know her) is kinda extreme lol. I think like most adults/parents she’s learning as she goes. Two things can be true at once. She can have days where she feels like it’s a burden or she wishes she waited, and also love her kids and be happy she had them when she did.

  24. Yeah. I’m surprised people went all “she regrets motherhood, she wants to be wifed, etc.” with the comments cuz it wasn’t that deep. It’s a funny comment. No more or less.

  25. I dislike the Kardashian’s a lot and everything they do irritates me but I genuinely don’t think this clip means Kylie regrets having kids

  26. I agree! I think maybe she’s just feeling insecure about her body (even though she continues to show it). I mean I just had my first baby at 23 and even though he’s my entire world, he wrecked my body and sometimes I do think stuff like “all these other girls my age look so good and I’ll never get a chance to enjoy being sexy during my early 20s.” It’s not that I regret him, I just wish I still had the body I have

  27. I don't understand this thought process where you're supposed to be naked in your 20s. Or any time in your life. It's so weird how they think being a sex pot is a normal phase of life, even if it means putting your kids aside for it.

  28. I mean yeah, she was young. I just realized a couple days ago that she had a teen pregnancy, which is wild to me because I never really saw her that young. In my head she’s like 30.

  29. Actually great point lol. She acts like she’s walking around in sweats all the girl we see your Instagram thirst traps all the time

  30. I don’t think she regrets having kids but maybe the timing, and more likely the baby daddy. I think when you’re young you idealize a lot of things, like having kids or serious relationships. I think Kylie thought Travis and her would have a happily ever after … she didn’t realize how hard it is to coparent, hell she hardly knew him when she got pregnant. I also think Kylie jumped from Tyga (who groomed her) to Travis (who was 26 when he started dating her when she was 19). She maybe didn’t get the healing and alone time she needed before she got pregnant and w Travis (basically same time). I think things have been harder than she thought they would be back when she was 19. Maybe she wants to prove to Travis she is still desirable and sexy, and can get another man if he wants to be bum.

  31. I just feel that when you have kids a certain respect for them & what could effect them as they get older should be a factor. I would NEVER want images of my mom naked, w/tits/booty out just swirling around out there. I will never get how adults fail to realize their actions can really effect their innocent kids in a bad way.

  32. I don't get how y'all hear this comment and decide that she is saying that she regrets being a mom lol. I mean that's a reach. She is clearly justifying a hoe season! She's saying she knows she is a mom but she's young and is gonna flaunt it. I mean good grief.

  33. I'm not a karjenner fan at all but this is borderline mom shaming. Being a mom and being sexy can coexist. However, being a mom never stopped Kylie from doing anything sexy, so she's probably just trying to create an excuse to post seminude content always, even for promoting a lipstick with Wizard of Oz theme. '' this is the time to do that" yeah, it is and you can, actually you are already doing it. But for your business and brand, looks tacky and off brand. But for you as a person, you go girl 💅 be naked who cares.

  34. I don’t know, the moms who act and dress like the KJs always give me Mrs Robinson vibes. I know Kris sleeps with her daughters friends and other very young men. The only men who would be turned on by her behavior are teenage boys. To me, it’s giving pedo. Why is she dressing for underage teens? Adult men would be horrified if their wife dressed like this. A teenager would think it was cool because they know she will definitely go all the way.

  35. I mean... accidentally got pregnant with her rebound she barely knew at 19... I'd be shocked if she didn't think she had her kids too young.

  36. Actually, that’s not true at all. My daughter is this age and feels no pressure to have her “titties out” and “ass out”. Nothing to do with having kids young, Kylie’s attitude comes from terribly low self esteem & having a trampy role model for a mother.

  37. As a young mom, when I was this age. I would be saying this, bc so many people are like. You’re a mom, you shouldn’t do this and that and all that. I would be saying that to say, yes I’m a mom, but I’m also in my 20s. I feel that. She wants to enjoy her youth while being a mom.

  38. She’s trying to make Travis mad lol and it’s obvious cause prior to the rumors she wasn’t so obsessed with “having her ass and titties out”

  39. I mean, I would prefer a young single mom to be commenting on missed opportunities for college, or travel, or career building…. but I guess she finds it more meaningful to have missed out on having her ass and “tiddies” out.

  40. This definitely gave me vibes that she was hinting Stormi was an accident and happened before she got to do all those things

  41. Honestly, good for her. I am sure it is hard to have wanted a fairytale family only to have the father of your kids not take you seriously at all especially after having kids so young, I’m sure she wanted a different outcome than what is currently going on. I am happy that she’s trying to come out of her shell again & find her confidence, try different things, etc. because I think her relationship with Travis & how their family dynamic turned out effected her in a lot of ways.

  42. u can tell she doesn’t really feel it and probs feels some outside force to continue doing so ($$$ or validation)

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