Why does Fascism not exist, anyway?

  1. With regards to the regional variants, would you say that in a hypothetical WK2 victory where Natpop France and Natpop Russia would dominate Mainland Europe, would there be a big divide between the Integralists and the Legionnaires, despite both being grouped as National Populists? How would each group justify their superiority over the other?

  2. I guess that explains why the Mau Mau and Sukharno are national populists, despite OTL being socialist leaning anticolonialists.

  3. It does. National Populism also covers forms of fascism, it's just that's not called that in the Kaiserreich timeline.

  4. Mussolini not being with the Italian Republic as a natpop is one of my least favorite things about Kaiserreich. He was already splitting with the socialists before the POD, so having him be a totalist feels more like a shitty meme for the sake of it being swapped more than anything.

  5. By 1921 syndicalism has already started rising, so he stayed socialist while keeping his nationalist and militaristic ideas and eventually joined totalism.

  6. Except said Syndicalists paraded a coffin with his name on it through his hometown in 1917 pre divergence. The only thing the revolutionary left at this point disagreed on was if they were going to hang him, shoot him or burn him.

  7. From my understanding fascism isn't as much as a result of the socialists kicking Mussolini out as it is a result of some radical socialists giving up on the idea of socialism in the sense of the proletariat rising up against its perceived oppressors in the wake of, well, the proletariat not rising up in response to WWI. Basically, you present a group of extremists with what they consider to be the perfect conditions for a revolution, the revolution doesn't happen, those people become disillusioned and start looking for something else. In Kaiserreich the revolution they wanted actually happens, so they stick with it.

  8. I'm not too familiar with Mussolini but if you consider that in KR the Austrians tried to turn Italy into a federation it makes sense from a nationalist perspective to side against them which the socialists were the only ones doing. another thing is that despite him being critical of the PSI his position in regards to socialism, in general, could still be considered vague and when you add to that that in KR Sorrelianism is a lot more influential in the socialist world this I think is enough to justify Mussolini going in a bit more of a socialist direction.

  9. There is no Fiume shenanigan so the word fascism is never born but you could argue there are many fascistic leaders

  10. Basically because Syndicalism replaces Communism, and so many fascists from irl remained national syndicalists

  11. People seem to forget that Fascisms OTL technical definition is National Syndicalism with an Actualist Philosophy. Totalism is just fascism under a different name. Mussolini rejected International Socialism and prefered a nationalistic Socialism for Italy itself.

  12. I think it’s a leftover from a more meme focused lore. Part of the irony of Kaiserreich is that folks like Mosley, Mussolini, Jingwei, and Bose are left wingers in this timeline when in the OTL they were fascists or willing to collaborate with fascists for their own goals. Sometimes I think this works and sometimes I don’t.

  13. Mussolini was a National Syndicalist OTL but applied it only to Italy. So in a way, him being a totalist is true to his views IRL.

  14. Because kaiserreich was made for hoi2. The number of ideologies was fixed by the number of sliders position. Ideology was set by only 2 sliders with 10 positions. Authoritarian-democratic and left-right. So new ideologies that are in the mod are actually just a real ones with new names. Fascists became autocrats. Many real ideologies aren't notable in kaiserreich simply because of the base game mechanics and the fact that lore was created back then.

  15. Yeah, I think Mussolini would already be distant enough from the socialists by 1919 that he'd be on the opposite side of the Italian Civil War, joining with Balbo in the White Republic. The fact is, he supported the war, and the people leading the SRI opposed it. In fact, their opposition to the war is a big part of their appeal, what makes it possible for them to take over post-war. Mussolini would most likely be more of a left-fascist here, given the PNF's original platform and the fact that he doesn't compromise with the monarchy, but he would be a rather odd fit in an anti-war socialist movement at this point. I'd expect him to be fighting against the socialists on the grounds of some "stab-in-the-back" myth, or, if that "myth" failed to gain traction, more likely he'd be lynched by an anti-war mob.

  16. well, it's broader than fascism (ie all fascists are NatPop, but not all NatPop are fascist). But it's a small distinction to make

  17. Neither Totalism nor National Populism are the same as Fascism. Otl Fascists largely fall into one of the camps but neither are direct interpretations of the Doctrine of Fascism nor do they act like they are

  18. Fascism is a far right ideology, not far left. National Populism is the closest thing to fascism in KR. Totalism is supposed to be analogous to Stalinism and other forms of authoritarian left ideologies.

  19. There are various schools of thought which fit the fascist mold or the vague type of it. Both Romanian Legion and Russian Savinikovist systems can be imitated or something similar adopted across various places, most notably in case of Romanian imitators - Serbian and even Bulgarian radicals. And with Russians which in the rework start Savinikovist - Iran starts out as both their ally and an imitator of their ideology. And there is also the whole pseudo-aryan bable that UBD German Brotherhood, Lithuanian LAF and Belarussian Green Oak movement have. And there are also of course all the integralists around. So by all means there are would be inventors of various pseudo-fascist ideologies or mentalities, it's just that there is not really a single unifying one, due to how a lot of these movements have contradicting loyalties and desires. And of course they wouldn't call themselves fascism as they already have terminologies or use their own terminologies.

  20. Well, it's kind of like marxism in KR - the devs wanted to experiment with giving niche radical ideologies an edge over their historically mainstream counterparts, even if it wasn't completely realistic.

  21. They gotta show how heckin evil authoritarian socialism is by having irl fascist lead it lol…

  22. When you really think about it is there really one concrete type of fascism I always understood it as fascism is just a government that takes full control in all technicality you could have a fascist democracy

  23. Fascism is much more specific than that, it's not just a fancy word for authoritarianism. The best definition for identifying a fascist ideology is probably Umberto Eco's "14 points of ur-fascism", which lays out the core characteristics all fascist movements have in common under their specific national flairs.

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