"To be completely honest, I think Street Fighter 5 was a huge mess as a game" - Daigo Umehara

  1. The last point in this post not exactly correct. Daigo has explicitly been against comeback mechanics as we know them ever since honestly he started to stream in general (too many clips across the interwebs to post, just search "gyakuten system umehara" or something I guess).

  2. I think the best thing SF6 can do by this point is be a competent product at launch. The gameplay of a new SF is always gonna be divisive and take a while to be ironed out, but if it at least feels feature complete and functions properly as a platform worth building on and not something unfinished which blatantly needs fixing then at least that'd be something. I think a lot of people's dislike of SF5 was driven largely by how rushed out the door it was and that exaggerated everyone's hatred of other parts of it. It wasn't just a case of 'fine game but not for me', it was missing shit on a core level in terms of content and polish. SF6 won't be for everyone but it can at least be presentable and functional.

  3. i just want sf6 to be less cookie cutter. give us a strong universal mechanic instead of everyone having a watered down special move. bring back some close normals. make stuff plus, give stuff range, make normals fast…

  4. Nah, he's been very open about not liking how defensive sfv is, especially since vshift. Picking guile was 100% consistent with what he thinks the game is, but on the other hand it exacerbates the problem for him I think

  5. He only had one example of a game that got the offense/defense balance right. Respect his opinion a lot, but also tough to please

  6. So... what tempo does he actually like? If SF5 is too defensive for him, what does he like? Doesn't like anime fighters tempo clearly, doesn't like slower SF... can we hear about what the man actually likes that's relevant, not fucking SF2 lmao

  7. Daigo has played many games competitively over the years, yet he still holds up SF2 as a game that got it right. he is not a nostalgiafag (he criticized VSav and didn't even mention 3rd Strike). he's also obviously aware that SF2 is ridiculously busted (it's impossible to play that game without acknowledging that). yet he still thinks the tempo is right - so what more do you need to know?

  8. he has mentioned expressly that neutral should be low risk low reward so players can just Do Stuff and it’s fun. you’re not heavily punished for taking action. he has said the high risk high reward should come in the close spacing game where one player has an advantage over the other

  9. Well you know how he feels about comeback mechanics, and x-factor is one of the most notorious ones, so take a wild guess. Lol

  10. If he didn't like it enough to stick with it on Vanilla's launch, I can't imagine what he'd say about UMvC3 in its current state, and he already talked about how he's uninterested in DBFZ, lmao

  11. I'm getting downvote but, it's true isn't it? For most of the games' run the strongest characters were glass cannons whose gameplans were to get the knockdown and vortex you to death. In Ultra you had Poison and Elena and I despise those characters but otoh the best character in that game is Evil Ryu and while he isn't vortex he's VERY offense oriented.

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