What are you all playing lately aside from FGs?

  1. Another one for Sunbreak here, game is really fun, there's challenge now and an endgame with a bit of purpose with the future content plans, Capcom did a good job with this one.

  2. Decided to pick up the resident evil franchise since somehow I never played it before. Enjoying the first game so far

  3. Midsona 5 strikers, honestly one can play through the 'defeat god' narrative only so many times before it grows stale.

  4. I definitely agree that the main story was basically a repeat of P5 but I actually loved Kuon Ichinose’s character. She had classic SMT vibes if that makes any sense.

  5. I thought the character development of most of the new characters was really good. The overall story ended up just being similar to the Maruki stuff in p5r but not as good

  6. Final Fantasy XIV. FFXV, Mario Golf Super Rush, The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, Pokemon Shield, and Blue Archive.

  7. Playing mostly zero build since it's the only fast shooter right now that isn't 100% ass cheeks. I picked up Dragon's Dogma during the steam sale and I'm surprised this game flew under the radar. It's weird as shit and kind of janky but overall a unique rpg (so far).

  8. I'm thinking of hitting the Valkyrie Profile series since that new one is on the horizon. I've never played either Silmeria or Convenant, so might as well give them a shot finally.

  9. Been playing Ultrakill in preparation of Act II that's coming out soon. Stuck in Belly of the Beast but I will find my way out eventually

  10. You have time to play fighting games, go to work AND play a single player game on the side while having time to spare for some sport activity? You must be amazing at organizing you time

  11. I'm playing Dragon's Dogma for the first time because of the announcement and sale, and it's been great. Wasn't expecting much but it has some surprisingly unique ideas and the action is on point too. You can feel the influence of Itsuno having worked on DMC and fighting games.

  12. Replaying Fallout 3 after like 13 years. I used to like fallout 4 a lot more until I replayed this one. Now I see what everyone was complaining about.

  13. last game i beat was mega man legends. right now i'm playing through katamari damacy and pokémon black 2. after that i'll probably play (new) strider or sotn.

  14. I’m playing the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles now. I’m on the second case of the second game. I thought the first game was alright, but the second has been way better so far

  15. Guardians of the Galaxy. It's actually okay, I'm kinda liking it right now. Also tried out the demos for Trepang2, Selaco, Anger Foot, and Cursed to Golf and loved em all so that's more shit for me to look forward to.

  16. I got a sim rig, I been in Automobilista2 pretty frequently lately. Dirt Rally 2.0 is still top tier and that get s a lot of use also. I had to use a wheel emulator to get everything working with Forza Horizon 5 because its fucking forza and buggy as shit, but I can drift around the map for hours and thats kinda fun. Its no Assetto Corsa but its ok.

  17. I’m not into warhammer but I kinda like arpgs. I’ve got a friend who convinced me to play Inquisitor Martyr with him because he’s super into 40k. I was surprised that the game felt terrible.

  18. Star Ocean. It's ok. Series is showing its age a fair bit but there's some charm to it. Doubt I'll be able to get through all of them before 6 comes out but that's ok. There's some concerns looking at the footage for 6 for me and after the disappointment of 4 and travesty of 5 said by the fans who have played them I won't hold my breath.

  19. Chivalry 2 lol. They just released a big update along with finally getting on steam. Game is brainless while still retaining some fun mechanics that allow better players to win

  20. Just started Hollow Knight, it's so much more than what I had expected. If you're into platforming, souls-likes, metroidvania or action rpg in general, Hollow Knight is a must play.

  21. Monster Hunter World as I got them cheap during the Capcom Humble Bundle, just sucks that some content are locked by Iceborne DLC but still pretty good.

  22. bought some VNs and crusader kings 3 during last steam sale. been occupying me for the past couple of days. I also play granblue fantasy as in the actual browser game so that's a huge time sink as well.

  23. Playing Vampire Survivors and starting Yakuza 0. Vampire survivors is my time killer when I'm between work responsibilities, and Yakuza 0 has been fun.

  24. Deus Ex, the original, because for some reason I played HR and I am a huge fan of "immersive sims", but I never played the first one. It's good, but the early levels felt a bit simple and System Shock 2 is more impressive, personally.

  25. It only took 3 major patches and about 12 mods but Total Warhammer 3 is finally enjoyable to play. The Immortal Empires hype is unreal right now with the daily starting position reveals. Also doing Solasta co-op with the boys and it's fantastic

  26. Replaying Fallout 3. I played it on 360 when it came out and now with NVME and FPS Boost it feels pretty fresh. Getting a kick out of choosing a certain path/options or making mistakes and saying, "dammit, this is what I did (or did wrong) the last time!"

  27. SC2 (Zerg, considering to offrace Terran) MH Sunbreak (massive improvement over Rise) FFXIV(prepping jobs for next Savage tier)

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