Currently passing my motorcycle license. What do you think about a Ninja 650 as a first bike?

  1. I learned how to ride, took the test and got my license on a ninja 650. Great all around bike. Bought mine new in 2020 and still have it. It's tons of fun to ride with plenty of power for any street or highway.

  2. My first and current bike is a 2018 ninja 650 ABS. It’s a fantastic first bike and here’s why. It’s very controllable, you can rip the throttle and not worry too much about wheelies unless your really trying and pulling your weight back. It does spin tires sometimes but as long as you respect the bike you will be fine. It’s fast enough to have fun on the highway or country roads. I’m 5”7 and 165lbs. You might feel that it does get blown around in strong winds but once you get used to it you’ll find yourself wanting something faster.

  3. Thank you very much for your answer :) I don't plan on doing wheelies lol. I just want to have some fun but stay safe and on a bike I love. For all the crazy stuff we'll see in some years ahah

  4. Similar height to you, not an issue at all, not sure about restrictions but in terms of it being a good first bike it’s probably okay, I’d say the 400 is a better first bike but you can still be okay on the 650, just don’t rip the throttle everyone and when taking off for the first time and you’ll be fine and get the hang of it very quickly

  5. I don't plan on ripping the throttle. I know it's quite a dangerous mode of transport, especially in my city and I prefer being safe and take the hang of driving a motorcycle first. Thank you very much for your answer! :)

  6. My first real motorcycle was a Grom then really learned on a ninja 250. I got familiar with motorcycles starting small(still went 90+ mph)….then went to a ninja 500, then a z650 which is literally a ninja 650 minus the fairings so it’s lighter an somewhat faster even though they use the same engine. (I still feel like the 500r was faster then the 650, as technically isn’t possible. Was just a feeling. But if you already got your grip on riding, and are comfortable on a bike at all different speeds an scenarios, then yeah a 650 is great to start with

  7. Ninja 650 was my first bike. I don't regret it at all, and would have been very disappointed in hindsight if I had gotten something smaller. I still have that bike 7 years later too.

  8. I'm quite a bit larger than you are but had a 650 as a first bike about 12 years ago. It's an excellent first bike. I used it for commuting daily and to go on rides with friends. It's got enough getup and go to be fun but not so much it's gonna throw you or anything crazy.

  9. Thank you very much for your answer! Just looked it up, I find they haven't changed much in 12 years :)

  10. Since it's going to be restricted to 47 HP, why not just get the 400? It'll be lighter and cheaper. You can always sell that one and get a bigger one later.

  11. I love the Ninja 650. When I was a kid I always thought to myself : When I'll be older I'll buy a ZX-6R or something else, but a 600cc because I think it's a great compromise to have a fast bike but also something for my small height and weight. If I have to ride a bike everyday to go to college, I'd prefer driving something I love. It's probably stupid considering it'll be the same hp for more expensive, but I don't really plan on changing bikes after I won't be restricted anymore. I can just unbridle the bike and keep it with all of its potential. And during those 2 years I'll take the hang of it so I won't be much surprised by the change. Only the power.

  12. I'm similar height (5'4) and 50kg. I'm currently riding a 2019 Ninja 650 ABS as my first bike. Power is also restricted in NZ until you have your full license. If I have both feet down I tiptoe, but usually I just lean the bike a little so I can flat foot on one side. Feels more stable especially when stopping in winds when the bike is getting pushed around a bit, as it's like a tripod. Stopping with one foot wasn't comfortable at first until I got used to it, can definitely recommend it though. I considered getting a lowering kit but Kawasaki advised against it, so I just got the rear suspension lowered by 10mm and the front raised by 10mm. Gave me a little more leverage. Good luck!

  13. Just got a 2014 ninja 650 a couple weeks ago after finishing the MSF course and I love it. I’m 6’0 and my body position is super comfortable when I ride. It is pretty powerful for a beginner but I would say it’s pretty manageable still. Definitely recommend

  14. I passed mine about two months ago and got the 650 as my first bike and love it so far. Definitely worth it, feels like a good starter bike with plenty of room to grow into. Only downside is the gear range is pretty low so when theres a traffic jam you're gonna be doing a fair bit of shifting.

  15. It's a great bike. Plenty of power to get you in trouble but a controllable throttle that won't get away from you. You are much smaller than me so I can't comment on whether you can handle it weight wise and height wise.

  16. The ninja 650 was my first bike bike. My best advice is to be careful exiting fuel stations when it's wet - learned that one when the bike twisted but I saved it. Other then that, it's a beautiful ride.

  17. I've had my endorsement for about a month and my 650 for 3 weeks and could not be happier it has power to go fast with the big boys but is also a great at commuting

  18. Go for something lighter and manageable for the first bike. A 3/400 cc bike. Rev your heart out, learn and do whatever you wanna do with that bike, learn and relearn stuff. For the second bike you should go for a higher cc 6/900. That's my suggestion.

  19. I bought a Ninja 650 as my first bike but I would actually recommend the 400. I would have bought a 300 or 400 but I’m 6”1’ / 190. and those bikes are a bit too small for my frame. I think though you would fit it perfectly. It is better to start on a smaller bike; it will be more flickable and you will learn how to maneuver and do things with it that you will not/can’t do on the 650. The larger the bike, the more limiting it will be in your skill development as a beginner. If you only weigh 110, the NInja 400 is a much better choice. There are guys on the track that will run circles around you on a 250, so there is no shame in going for a smaller bike and they are more fun to ride in many ways.

  20. 650 is a bit big as a first bike. I wouldn’t get more than 400cc until you get comfortable with it and then move up from there

  21. I disagree, if France has a mandatory motorcycle class, 650 is the perfect starter bike that people upgrade after 1-2 years.

  22. I started with a 650 having ridden absolutely nothing but a bicycle before and I had no problem at all. It’s very permissive, easy and nimble enough and even past the first few weeks you have plenty of power to have fun for a good amount of time before upgrading

  23. Thank you very much for your answer. I'll think about it and I'll go check both bikes in person. I haven't seen them IRL, maybe I'll change my mind when seeing it with my own eyes.

  24. I started on a z650 and although it has more than enough power to mess up your day, I found it quite manageable. I highly suggest you take your time learning throttle control and do not rush the process.

  25. If you’re capped at 47hp why not get the cheaper and lighter ninja 400? They’re nearly identical in looks but the 400 will be easier to learn on without the added weight

  26. You could do an 800 easy too, not saying you need a bigger bike; but to show you how forgiving the Ninjas are on that level. Once you go past the 800's, they get pretty serious. But those lower cc Ninjas are all fantastic starters. I'd rarely suggest a bike smaller than a 650 because you'll outgrow it really fast and a little freaky on the highway (their power to weight ration is really bad compared to the cars and that ratio is your 'get out of shit' ability).

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