1. Absolutely, Russia had a plan all along, they knew Europe would sanction their gas so they got a contract from China for a bigger sum They knew their currency would plummet so they backed it up with Gold and gas They even sold out all the bitcoins they had before the invasion, they literally withdrew 96 billion USD worth of bitcoin that's why bitcoin lost vallue from 54 thousands USD per coin to about 20-30k Put was a KGB agent, nigga was taught to always think about all outcomes and be ready for every worst case scenario that's why the nigga been president for 22 years, heck no one even knows where his wife and kids are 😂, he a true definition of a gangster bruh

  2. Thats what countries that can see beyond this U.S and E.U crap (Like Russia, China, India ...) are trying to do. Sanctions have been weaponized by the West in recent past. Their own research supports my statement. And China and Russia are tired of this. Check my edit.

  3. I think it's been a long time coming, honestly. But question is, what will happen to a country like Kenya, or other sub-Saharan countries, if the USD stops being the reserve currency?

  4. Before PetroDollar, currencies were pegged to commodities and Gold, so they were very strong. Now they are pegged to a currency that's in turn pegged to debt. ie, that's why you hear in the U.S you need to have good credit.

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