In Nairobi, someone is cruising around with a KDH "Bentley Bentayga". Ati kenya hakuna pesa🤭

  1. Let's not hate on those who have the brains to get rich clean or dirty money you'd probably go for it yourself if you had the chance😂

  2. I've ever seen two different Lamborghini urus fueling at Total mombasa rd. I can only imagine the insurance premiums.

  3. If it breaks down the owner might be forced to ship it for repairs. I doubt we have mechs trained in Lambo repairs.

  4. People value themselves by comparing themselves to other people. As long as there are lower status people, they have value. Problem is that when self worth is dependent on external conditions, then there's always a chance for someone to lose their value.

  5. Imagine this one m'other phukar had invested in local industry. Angebuy shares za BJ50? We should start a local monthly race. It can be sponywaad by all the major brands. Kenyans can then enter locally made vehicles for a 24 or 48 hour race through different types of terrain. If we reward each top 10 team with a 10 mic investment, we'll have a car industry going in no time.

  6. Has anyone seen any Teslas? I know the charging infrastructure is lacking, but it seems the perfect car for Nairobi driving (quick stop & go, fuel scarcity, etc)

  7. Teslas are trash. You have to update constantly on a subscription app, they can lock you in if the car perceives a problem and you can burn to death in them, the screen is huge and distracting, and, frankly, they’re soooo ugly. Just get a Prius or similar Toyota if it’s available to you. The Tesla is not worth the hype.

  8. Don’t you remember the fella who sued the government and won after his Bentayga’s paint was damaged by the loose chips on the road?

  9. In Africa, there are many Mercedes-Benz/BMW per head than in Germany where they're made.

  10. The amount of people that casually own land cruiser Prado's in Kenya also blows my mind it's like there's somewhere they are given out for free and in lavington Porsche Cayennes are chasing you constantly.

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