1. I can't recall but there was an accredited therapist who had emailed me a while back offering services flexible for students. Unfortunately I can't recall their email or much else. But there are free therapists out there I'm sure or someone who is flexible and knows your state

  2. Catch-22. Most of the places you can work and earn really well, will most likely have an impact on your mental health especially if you had no mental health issues before. Vicious cycle if you ask me

  3. Oh yes! I was having this talk with my Christian friend yesterday. It's amazing how churches have these counseling sessions for families, the youth, teenagers. I hope we can adapt such in our Mosques. To actually raise money to build a hospital instead of fundraising everyday for different people. Muslims on here let's have a chat about this our Christian brothers and sisters can chime in too.

  4. I'm curious why so many people on here peg their hope on friends. Does it ever occur to you that perhaps your friends are not within the emotional space to hear you out. Maybe they are not equipped with the level of compassion you require at that moment. Maybe they are not good at advising you about your toxic parents because they come from a loving home.

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