I am once again asking for y'all's help 😩

  1. Id say focus on accommodating your individual lines and see if that works. I know it's sliiightly unorthodox for some but if you feel like you have vertical, accomodate that. Width? Same thing. Curve? Ditto.

  2. That's honestly how I feel (which I think technically width trumps curve so my ID would just technically be FN) but it's all so confusing. I know in SK he does focus more on individual lines, so maybe I just need to do that!

  3. Girl you don’t have width. I mean seriously. If you do it doesn’t show in these pictures, especially the behind pic. You just have shoulders and have a bit of weight on you so you get automatically sent to SN/ N fam in here. Please don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just that a lot of people have size bias when it comes to Kibbe ❤️

  4. I don't know how tall you are, but it looks like you need to accommodate for shorter sleeves and possibly legs. I thought the dress with the slit, while it flatters your figure, it swallows you up a little bit because it's too long in the sleeves and skirt. Is a romantic type out of the question?

  5. 5'5", so literally every type is open. I will say, the black dress is supposed to have like a weird train thing

  6. I've definitely considered that! I personally feel better with some curve accomodation though, what do you think? The green dress is absolutely stunning on my FN friend, and just doesn't seem right on me. The black dress however, I'm in love with. Which I think is sort of a mix of SD and SN lines, so maybe I just fall between? Open to whatever y'all think though!

  7. Another suggestion for SD from here. For what it is worth my shape sketch is very very similar to yours, not that shape and the following line sketch have any direct links to the IDs.

  8. So I'm not great at this and I'm by no means an expert. But to me you look nearly identical in shape to Sofia Loren, just a slightly higher weight. SDs can present both width AND curve in addition to their vertical, as can FNs, but it's a matter of seeing which is more prominent, which catches the eye first. Personally, I see curve before I see width for you. You have width, yes, but your curve is more dominant. So I think SD :) but regardless, as long as you're accommodating vertical, you're within your lines and honoring your vertical. Width/curve accomodation is secondary in importance, so if you're still not sure between FN and SD, you're doing fine for each of you only accommodate vertical. Edit to add: in the third picture, with the black shirt, I actually do not see width at all.

  9. This is the type I've felt most at home in, but when I post typing I get like a perfect mix of SD, FN, and SN. And people are usually very opinionated about me having width, so that's kinda why I haven't let myself just go with that.

  10. Okay, so I have settled on SN for a while now, and have definitely embraced it, so this isn't a type resistance thing. It feels off. Not even because I have stereotypes of what aesthetics SNs should have or anything. Every description I read from SNs are close but just a little too off for me to feel like a belong. What do y'all think, and if you do think SN, do you have any unverified celebs I remind you of so I can feel more at home in the ID? I've scoured every single verified over and over and I just don't know how to feel anymore :(

  11. Any chance you're in-between both? I know that's not a thing with kibbe but you seem like FN with width and vertical but also seem like you'd look good with curve accommodation.

  12. Do you feel like you don’t have double curve? I feel like I see it in this photo but obviously you know your body best. I was thinking SD

  13. I see SD. You also seem to have SD essence and vibes, like I can see you pulling off long and somewhat dramatic outfits without being overwhelmed, without knowing your height

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