For those who feel they don’t fit or seem to be in between types…

  1. IDs are much wider than many people think. There is a lot of variety within them. Not all people within the ID look the same and do not look good in the exact same clothes.

  2. I agree that everyone has their own unique yin/yang balance and that some people might have more “textbook” yin or yang features than others. DK himself states that an Image ID is the country you’re from, but not your address. However, according to his system, everyone will fit into one Image ID and it’s not like the sorting hat where you might do just as well in another category. Instead, you require certain accommodations to look your best but your clothing options are endless.

  3. Exactly. So many people think they're "between" two IDs because they aren't (what they perceive to be) the "textbook" version of their ID. I love the country vs. address analogy!

  4. Absolutely agree. The same thing that happened with Selena, can also be a personal experience. People might explore the system and keep learning about it. And once you land on the right ID and you have the correct knowledge about that ID, the confusion starts to clear up and things start to click.

  5. Really love that analogy especially as someone who often feels like I may be one ID or other like every other day lol. I shouldn’t be limiting myself based on my own preconceptions of what style is/isn’t. The options are endless

  6. Exactly this! Not everyone is going to be an archetypal representation of an ID, but everyone falls somewhere on the yin-yang spectrum, so everyone has an ID. I think a lot of people assume that IDs are like boxes, but they’re so much more open than that.

  7. As I have grown fond of saying, there are 8 billion people on this planet--and in theory, we could sort all of them into 10 groups. So needless to say, there is going to be a wild amount of variety within each group.

  8. This might be a silly question, but I had been typed as soft dramatic and which I do think I am. However, I have read many times SD is "dramatic first and foremost" - that I don't feel I agree with for myself.

  9. I always thought that when saying SD are a dramatic first and foremost it means thay they require vertical accommodation first and foremost over their curve accommodation in my opinion (someone is free to correct me), but both are still required. It doesn't mean you need to follow dramatic recs because it won't work for SD. What sets an SD apart is their softness and this means it is a very important part that can't be ignored.

  10. I’ve had similar thoughts about what I’ve seen about FNs accommodating vertical before width as somebody who is probably FN but would 100% identify with pure N if it was a category that still existed. Like width is the only thing I feel 100% sure I accommodate. I like the answers to your question though. Especially considering it from a dressing/accommodation angle - maybe width is what jumps out to me but I’d benefit from dressing in a way that accommodates vertical first and foremost? It’s interesting to think about and I’ve always wondered that about vertical types apparently being vertical dominant first.

  11. I’m so confused. I just turned 18 a month ago and I think I’m either an R or a SN. (I’ve gotten SG as well on here). I don’t know what i can do to seal the deal. I just want to find clothes that make me look and feel good! 😅

  12. It seems like a lengthy and involved process for most people, so you're not alone and you're not doing anything wrong. I feel like the process of learning to see in yin and yang as well as learning to see your own outer form objectively is the real point and real pay-off, way more important than settling on an image ID. All this to say, don't put too much pressure on yourself. I'm in my 30's and looking back I'm so happy I experimented with fashion and with my style in my teens and 20's. I tried out various trends, I wore some outrageous things and some things that I now see as not being perfect for me, and I had so much fun doing it. So don't forget to have fun with fashion first and foremost while you're still young (if that's appealing to you).

  13. Honestly at this point I am starting to think of it as a spectrum in some cases it can be obvious where they stand on that spectrum but in other cases it's just in between that you can't settle on only that type without considering the other side of the spectrum recommendations.

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