Doja Cat is an FG: The Evidence

  1. I think weight definitely can affect how people perceive someone’s silhouette, even more so because the concept of Kibbe curve is hard to understand in the beginning. But I’ve only every seen straight, broken lines for Doja. And a very animated and energetic impression.

  2. Yes omg! I've never been able to see SG for her, even at higher weights. Her body type is so similar to Jennifer Love Hewitt's.

  3. Thiss!! We need a lot more representation when it comes to weight because people assume so easily that when someone is underweight they are not one of the soft types or when someone is overweight they assume that they can’t be one of the yang influenced types.

  4. Since Doja has apparently lost quite a bit of weight recently, maybe people will now finally stop seeing a double curve where it doesn’t exists. I hate that the consensus can only shift now when she lost weight, and it really speaks volumes of how this place types people.

  5. Thank you for making this post! I can strongly relate to the issue of underweight soft types getting told FG or DC. I am strongly leaning toward SC for myself right now but when I posted here a year ago and was slightly underweight and wearing workout leggings (my mistake for not realizing fleshiness would be compressed by the leggings 🤦🏻‍♀️) I got a LOT of FG and DC suggestions. It really threw me off, which is why I stepped away from Kibbe for a while. I’ve always felt like I have curve (at least in the traditional sense) and I preferred rounded necklines over angular ones and felt I need Some waist emphasis or my clothes just sit really strangely on my body, but getting all of that feedback really threw me off. I was starting to wonder if I was just being type resistant and couldn’t admit to myself that perhaps I didn’t have Kibbe curve. But if I ever tried on more structured garments they just looked… odd, even when underweight. After trying on outfits recently (especially ones that accommodated balance and skimmed my body without compressing my flesh) and getting feedback from other people I feel like I have a much better idea of what’s going on with my body now haha!

  6. Her face always struck me as FG! We often make the mistake of curvy waist and hips = romantic, but this is not true at all. A curvy waist to hip ratio can be found in all types, and not all romantics are voluptuous.

  7. I don’t think her ”hip line” is any determining factor in this, that can be curve, or it might not. Same goes for what you describe as R hip shape. It would depend on things such as limbs and whether she has curve above too. Thus I would argue that SG would be a possibility and maybe SN too but I don’t think she has width. FG would be from petite and a straighter upper body but some SGs don’t seem to have upper curve looking like we associate witt R family (?). I do see FG as a strong option but I don’t think that it’s a given that she would lack curve or that you can make it easy like this.

  8. It sounds unhinged, I know, but I honestly think she's FG or SD. I feel like she's primarily yang with some yin, and that she's vertical. I just don't know how that yin applies to her (petite or curve).

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