Sylvester Stallone as a potential Romantic

  1. I think Stallone gives off a major “diva” vibe. He definitely is very angular with a bit of softness on top. I think he is likely SD. Especially if I think of his roles, yang dominant IDs tend to be cast in action roles.

  2. I remember reading in a Colour For Men book (but I’m not sure if it was actually written by Kibbe) that a R male physique may present as light and athletic, whereas I feel like Sylvester has a more ….jacked quality, lol, than I might expect an R frame to achieve…. I’m sort of torn. I feel like there’s something about him that is quite dramatic, so I’m wondering if he is a Soft Dramatic, sort of like if John Travolta (verified SD) went down the bodybuilding path?

  3. I don’t see why Rs couldn’t build muscle and be low body fat at the same time (like Madonna for example, but I feel like any R could). I did come across a pic where he was a slightly higher body fat than he’s normally shown to be (he’s usually pretty ripped) but I forgot to save it. I also feel like Rs could not only build muscle, but maintain a certain bulky look a bit easier than a FN or D could simply because of the way the muscles and fat are distributed through the skeleton.

  4. I’ve met him and he definitely doesn’t have Vertical beyond the baseline. Not much taller than me at 5’4”. I think I’d go SN.

  5. SN was my first thought, was kind of surprised I didn't see it thrown out sooner. He fits in well with Tom Cruise to me, a sort of... sporty romantic lead energy.

  6. I don't see any of the SN width I would expect even at his more jacked ripped weight. And I would expect more...'presence' for SD. He really does have a sort of bedroom-y romantic look to his face too. I don't know, I could get behind TR or R for him!

  7. I could be very off here, but he looks like some kind of gamine. Some people here are saying he's SD, but I heard that he's pretty short IRL.

  8. I don’t think him being shorter automatically means he’s a gamin or another petite type. I think 6’ is almost the equivalent of 5’5 in the female system as the upper limit for the petite types, but like in the female system, it’s not the lower limit for the rest of the IDs. Him being 5’9 is like saying “it’s less common for a 5’1 woman to be D, but not impossible”, and I think the same idea applies to men. 5’9 is also not that short imo.

  9. Yep, this is exactly what I typed him as well! He’s definitely got these dreamy vibes and the roundedness despite being muscular.

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