Coming to terms with being a "difficult to dress" Kibbe type when you're into fashion

  1. I had a similar experience, but with yang resistance! I love anything ruffled, floral or curve-hugging, so learning that I am DC changed everything. Like you, I’ve started phasing out things I liked just because they don’t match my Image ID. It’s not even that I couldn’t incorporate them, it’s that I see them differently now. But even though a closet overhaul might be inevitable, I don’t think all hope is lost. It is definitely more expensive to dress for your body, but on the plus side, you’re not wasting money continuing to buy things that don’t work. I also think there are ways to accommodate the elements you like even if you have to incorporate new pieces.

  2. I feel this. In my 20s and 30s (the 2000s and 2010s) I was heavily in to fashion, and never understood why the styles didn't suit me even though I was as skinny as could be. When I could afford Vivienne Westwood I bought a lot from the Anglomania line but really never understood why the clothes didn't fit me right, despite being cut for an hourglass figure? I'm all boobs and butt and everyone always told me that was an hourglass, but really, it's not at all. Reading about accommodations has been eye opening.

  3. I feel you! I worked in fashion for a brand that was very FN leaning. So, naturally, everyone that worked for the company wanted to represent that aesthetic. You could see the style progression of new hires - they would slowly morph into FNs.

  4. I totally understand! I also have a whole lot of yin resistance myself. I want to be FN or D or DC…not the soft leaning type that needs to accommodate curve lol. I’m only just now starting to embrace it somewhat…and I’m not 100% there yet but I think the mindset you’ve adopted that “it’s the clothes not me” is great! I’m gonna have to do that myself. As for aesthetics that’s maybe a bit harder. I guess you could analyse what it is you like about what you wore before and sort of figure out how you can use those elements to create your own style, while also keeping in mind what’s good for your ID (I actually just watched a video about this on YouTube last night tho it’s not kibbe related at all idk if this will help at all

  5. Honestly: A styling system should make you feel good about yourself. And if you aren't feeling it, it's not the one for you.

  6. So I enjoy your take on 'fun and subjective' Kibbe, and the example of Faye Dunaway being considered different extremes by different systems, but I want to add a note to your philosophical take that I feel merits consideration?

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