A somewhat chaotic collection of the chameleon Ashton Kutcher

  1. Ashton could be SD, but I think he looks like many of the verified FNs before they bulked up for movie roles. If we think about the roles he plays and where he really shines, he is a charismatic, charming, friendly boy next door type. I’d have a hard time seeing him play Batman, like Christian Bale or playing a drug dealer trying to protect his legacy a la Matthew McConaughey. So I’m definitely going with my gut and saying FN.

  2. Well reasoned. I think we should keep in mind that FN and SD are often confused/conflated in women’s typing so it makes sense that it would be similar for men!

  3. Lol drug dealer defending his legacy deserves a slow clap. I agree, he feels like he very much is Kelso. And a lot of the things I’m picking up on are crossovers between the two types. God, I’d watch the hell out of him as clumsy Batman though

  4. Definitely has a strong D element to him, but N family is likely the primary like everyone is saying. His vibe is so approachable

  5. I would probably guess FN, his frame needs to be accommodated for and the vertical is undeniable. In the left pic in the collage he seems to have curve, but it could possibly be posture/body composition since some FNs can be conventionally curvy and have an X-shape.

  6. i can't completely dismiss pure D for him. I do think he is able to pull of very crisp contrast and sharp, narrow suits extremely well. I feel like a lot of Dramatics look pretty ok in less constructed clothing, but there's something about sharper tailoring that really pops. he also has a slightly verified-D-

  7. I can see hints of that too for sure. He definitely has that D element, but there’s something else to it that softens it a little. For instance, the center shot in slide 19 would look

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