Brie Larson’s type? 5ft7

  1. This is a tough one, but at first glance I think she could be pure D or DC. She is definitely Yang dominant with not a lot of softness (so SD is out) and although I won’t completely rule it out, I just don’t think FN seems right.

  2. I would say DC. I can't tell if she has vertical or not, but I don't think it's her most prominent feature. I mean, she is 5ft7 so technically she should have vertical but it is still not obvious to me on pictures where she is not wearing heels or clothes that enhance the vertical. I don't think she needs to accomodate width or curve. She has some angularity, but the first thing I noticed is still how balanced she is.

  3. She looks very very DC to me, although if she is actually 5'7 that is pushing it! She feels like a very slightly more yang modern Grace Kelly haha.

  4. I think we may be looking at a pure Natural. There's something more open and free-spirited about her that is obscured by the more Classic styling. A pure N would be the most moderate of the Naturals. I can imagine her in the pure N's dress from the book, with her hair styled in the modern equivalent of that look.

  5. I think FN! I see vertical and width. I don’t think the width is obvious, but outfits that accommodate it are much more flattering on her. For example, the asymmetrical red dress looks great on her (width), and I think it would be even more flattering without the black belt (which is breaking up her vertical).

  6. I think the least "harmonious" look is #4, the "Grace Kelly" look--maybe this would be true for anyone, because it's an old-fashioned style, but to me it looks completely costume-y, like she's dressing as Grace Kelly for Halloween. I don't think curved lines suit her at all, and I'm not convinced that the "conservative" flavor of Classic styling is best for her.

  7. Even though I think she seems dramatic classic, I don’t like that Grace Kelly cosplay look either for her. Personally I put it down two two things : this sort of ladylike femininity is just not authentic to her personality (from my perspective anyway), and secondly because I don’t know if old fashioned SC-style outfits are ever that great for a DC - I understood DCs are better off in something that feels modern and up to date. This look reminds me of Jackie Kennedy in her wedding dress which is very “classic” in a way but didn’t bring out her strongest qualities.

  8. I do kind of feel like she’s DC…maybe D. Also if I think about the roles I’ve seen her in I don’t really get like an FN or SD vibe so I’d stick with one of those 2

  9. If she's 5'7" DC is 99% unlikely. So, if she's lying about her height my guess is some kind of C. She might be just skinny. Meaning: Not necessarily having Yang undercurrent. Naomi Watts is a skinny SC. Brie does remind me of Grace Kelly though.

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