here's a theory: long vertical line= smaller head in proportion to your body.

  1. So basically, although it can make intuitive sense (what you’re saying) vertical isn’t about how tall someone looks in a photo. People are more or less going to look their height irl - one way I think we can gauge vertical accommodation is if long uninterrupted lines look “just right” on them. It’s sort of an elongation in the overall body, regardless of the height.

  2. I partially agree with this . I myself am a 'shorter' dramatic with 162 cm (idk how much is this in fts) I'm aware that this is not considered tall but I know I look very tall and my small head contributes to my body appearing broad and elongated.

  3. I think it’s best to remember that Kibbe is about how the clothing interacts with the body. So the accommodations are about what happens with the body and the fabric.

  4. How could Zendaya be anything else but dramatic? Like honestly I just went to go look at her pictures and there is no way I’d type her as anything else. Why would head size change that?

  5. A big head in proportion to the rest of the body makes a body appear shorter and smaller like in the case of tall Audrey Hepburn. I'm not saying Zendaya is also a gamine I don't type people . only kibbe does. I'm just sharing an observation ; Dramatics is extreme yang and requires a very tall vertical line something that I belive zendaya doesn't have .

  6. I disagree, your head size doesn’t correlate with your Kibbe type. My mother has a long neck and smaller head but she’s not a D at all. Kibbe is about your body first and foremost.

  7. Head isn’t considered and Zendaya is 5’10”. She can only be FN, SD, or D, because something that didn’t accommodate Vertical literally wouldn’t fit.

  8. I agree that being tall equals a vertical line so I'm not saying she is a gamine or anything like that but as a pure D, I noticed all of us have small heads and its one of the things that give our bodies that strong , tall look. I tried to look for one D with a noticeably big head but failed. I also noticed that all the yin types have bigger heads .

  9. Taylor Swift is believed to be D and she has a big head too. The headsize doesn't matter. She still has lots of vertical.

  10. Really? Even though she has a larger head I only saw it as something that brought out her tiny frame, she has always looked super tall to me! I’m surprised she comes off as shorter than she is to you

  11. Vertical has nothing to do with head size. It means you have straight/ long lines from shoulder to knees. At 5’7 and above you have it automatically due to the body having literal length.

  12. take anyones full body picture and try to take away from the head using any editing app or just the painting option in gallery and see how the body starts looking way taller and bigger.

  13. DK himself said the system is subjective. while i see a lot of similarities between verified dramatics and zendaya . I still perceive her as smaller (maybe D is a spectrum? ) I can't get over the head size issue either . I'm not trying to change anyone's mind or debate. I simply think this is worth discussing .

  14. I’ve got a big head in proportion to my body. I think that happens from time to time in D’s and contributes to the “gamine essence” seen in Taylor Swift and Olivia Culpo.

  15. ohhhh so this is why people see those two as gamine. very interesting. could you elaborate why do you think zendaya in A FN as opposed to D?

  16. I have a rather large head (everyone in my family does) and we are all dramatics ranging from 5’10 (me) to 6’0 and 6’2 for my sisters. We have to get large helmets, one size all hats rarely fit etc etc. big ole domes, very tall and very lean dry muscular builds.

  17. I understand what you’re saying, I haven’t considered this while looking at typing photos but I like the theory. It is true for me, while my head isn’t small it appears smaller in contrast to my 5’8” body. My body takes up a lot more visual space than my head does, thus making it appear small (head size doesn’t effect typing at all but your proportions do) and adding to how vertical my body looks. It’s a pretty cool idea. Burden of proof would be on you for photo examples for consistency in your theory and anyone who says the opposite should supply photos proving their point.

  18. I'm glad you understood what I said. this is true to me too but now that people mentioned kate blanchette (I think it looks big in proportion to her body) I'm confused. what do you think?

  19. These are my thoughts, but reading the other comments is making me reconsider. It’s funny because I have taken head size into account and it’s been helpful when considering petite vs vertical but would have to reconsider this is helping

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