Another one I think is pure D: Anya Taylor Joy

  1. To be fair she's very thin and has had quite a bit of work done, including a speculated buccal fat removal. Not saying she's not a D but she isn't naturally as sharp or angular as she's made herself look.

  2. I think Anya is definitely D. I think D in the realm of Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. The green Dior dress was sheer perfection for her and I love it. Her best look ever!

  3. If I could ever own anything half as pretty and look half as good as she does in that green gown, I'd die happy.

  4. definitely very regal ! i’m just going sit here and wish i were her lmao. i think your guess is spot on, although i will say that i’m interested because someone else had mentioned she had had some fat reduction surgeries to make herself look a bit sharper. forgetting about the flesh aspect though, her skeleton looks dramatic all the way

  5. I’m inclined to D too, but sometimes when i look at her older photos when she was not so skinny, i can see some need for curve accommodation+ rocking SD lines so it still confuses me 🤔 I hope she gets verified, there’s always debates between the two

  6. I bet she’s also awesome to hang out with lol. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with anything but, you know. Gotta recognize.

  7. I think so too. I've seen some arguments for FN and I could see that being a contender as well. I think what it comes down to is that she doesn't NEED to dress for width, although she still looks fairly good doing so. She really looks her best when she's dressing for vertical.

  8. I’m rewriting my comment because I’m terrible at hyperlinks but I’ve been a massive fan of her for over half a decade at this point and

  9. Interesting you say that because if anything that photo you posted confirms D for me more than anything. I’ve seen people say she’s only considered D due to her low weight, but seeing her there (and without the regal-ethereal hair/styling) really emphasises her narrowness and verticality. Sorry to countertheorise on your own post lol

  10. I definitely believe she's dramatic, but I'm sure she has some kind of ethereal/gamine essence. There's something really otherworldly about her.

  11. Personally I don’t see at all the T shape that SD and FN have and don’t see any width. The upper body just has that look that I call “uncrowded” that Ds have in my eyes. Just vertical and nothing else. Plus her essence alone would never be “free spirit chic”, she has a very intense essence that could only be D family.

  12. I am on the FN, possibly SD boat as well. I see width first. Looks 3, 5, and 6 are my favorites! I feel like all the straight dresses needed layers or draping.

  13. I think FG she looks like she has opposites petite w/ vertical and angularity but dainty…..those eyes too

  14. She is too tall to be an FG. She is probably 5’6 while some sources list her as 5’8. Kibbe has hinted in an FG reveal that 5’4 really is the upper limit for petite accommodation. So probably some super rare exceptions would be 5’5 but he doesn’t want DIYers to consider it, but anything above that wouldn’t be possible.

  15. She's way too tall to be in the G fam. Also, someone in the G fam would be completely swallowed by those large details. Anya absolutely eats them up.

  16. Comments on this make me seriously doubt this community. She has a short vertical and that should be enough proof she's not a D.

  17. There is no such thing as short vertical, you either have vertical or you don’t. Vertical means elongated or straight lines in your body. She has that. That straightness could also come from just lacking curve. Plus by some sources she is 5’8, and Kibbe says that from 5’7 and above you have vertical automatically due to the body having literal length.

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