Is Ester Exposito(1,66m/5ft5) truly a TR?

  1. She has blunt structure IMO. and she is .. entirely too frame dominant to be TR. I could see an argument for SG, maybe, but not TR. With the revelation of Gomez as a TR, there has been a bit of a shift towards suddenly everyone is maybe a TR so I guess it makes sense that they'd try? Lol but she's most like SN, maybe SC.

  2. wayyyy too much frame for a TR and no double curve. i'd say SD or or maaaaybe SN. money is on SD, she reminds me a lot of sofia vergara overall.

  3. Red carpet wear shouldn’t be used for initial typing no? She’s wearing sixteen types of shapewear, heels and filtered all to hell

  4. In the Getty Image photos if you look carefully you can tell she doesn’t have too much top curve (especially in the first one which is an illusion by the black sections of the bodysuit rather than actual curve, just well placed contrasts). I’d say she is width dominant before curve so SN would be my bet. She definitely doesn’t look petite for TR. but agreed, super hard to ID with how heavily edited most of her pictures clearly are.

  5. Watching Elite she seemed very D imo. I don’t think she’s a soft ID at all, could not see the need for curve accommodation in the entire series.

  6. Hmm.. I know a lot of people will probably disagree with me, (please don’t hate me I’m new to this lol) but I see SD?

  7. What about FG? That would actually make sense if people are thinking TR and D. FG’s are the D’s of the short vertical types but are still yin dominant like TR’s.

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