People who consider yourselves “settled” on an ID, how often do you doubt?

  1. It’s really cool of you to share something so personal and yea it’s so weird that for a moment you can be like “yes this is Me” but then at another you identify elsewhere. Or you really see yourself in something but you really don’t want to be that, any thing but that one! And you run away from it. I hope you’ll be able to re find your style in kibbe! I hope I’ll be able to find me too 😆

  2. Speaking of Selena Gomez, TR and vertical, I think she is also some who, especially in photos, looked like she is benefiting from vertical and a lot of people thought she was one of the vertical IDs before she was verified. Right now I am also extremely confused with vertical and she is someone I’ve been thinking about.

  3. If I had to share an ID with anyone who wasn’t a D, I would be thrilled to share it with Joan Collins. She is THE MOMENT. But on a serious note, I do hope whatever your ID is, you are able to settle. I ignored the answer that a few friends and family thought was obvious, and I within the last year decided to go for it.

  4. I felt really confident in my ID until my outfit post where a few people wanted to chime in that I had typed myself wrong. Funny how they thought any sort of yang-ness would just push me right past TR and straight into SG territory. If anything, I’d consider SN next due to the whole ~softly wide~ thing that Rs have going on. I feel like I could’ve posted under a different ID flair and nobody would’ve contested it even though I don’t dress to accommodate for petite or width. Regardless, the label isn’t super important to me as long as I’m dressing for MY lines.

  5. It's actually against the rules to correct someone if they're not asking for ID help, so I'm sorry people were making you doubt your ID! Unless David Kibbe typed us himself, discovering our ID is a very personal thing.

  6. Oh yes, definitely re. your side note! I have often even asked myself whether I was actually a Gamine because X or Y body part felt "disproportionate". I'm sure I'm not a Gamine but I think the stereotype you refer to is damaging. Especially if you look at beautiful G family women like Winona Ryder and Twiggy - NOBODY would EVER describe them that way!

  7. I doubt often but I think that it is a good characteristic of mine because that is why I am getting better in KIBBE (although I think none can fully understand). I always ask people opinions about clothes on me and what looks good and what doesn’t. Last time yesterday I asked my grandmother just how the dress looked (it honored vertical, my most important feature) and she noticed the same as I - I look slouch without structure. I shine in puff sleeves. Therefore I always settle myself as SD but will probably doubt FN in the future too. Or maybe if I get leaner I will learn that I am D haha. But right now I enjoy SD recs the most and feel very much myself in everything except SD colouring/make up.

  8. I have resigned myself to know that finding summer shirts will just be a struggle. I just go with fitted high neck tank tops, and heavyweight linen shirts with shorts or lightweight trousers in a similar color.

  9. Also: Mirror views and pictures of ourselves are a huge problem. What you described sounds very familiar. I feel we are the only people in the world who don’t know how we look!!

  10. Tbh this is why I prefer to make outfits from a line sketch in SK rather than relying on whether I think I am an ID or not- if it turns out I’m not a DC it won’t really matter because my outfits will still be cohesive with my silhouette, I’ll just have a different label

  11. This is the correct answer, it’s just that my current wardrobe doesn’t give me enough room to create outfits :(

  12. Yes! Every person has a unique balance or yin-yang, and even people of the same ID won’t have it in the same exact places! So we won’t all be flattered by the exact same pieces!

  13. I doubt my ID (TR) once in a while. I accomodate double curve, and yet I sometimes wonder if there is slight elongation even though my legs are short. But I 'm at the height limit with 5'4, so it's not the most common.

  14. Maybe you’re on the right track then. He once commented on my photo as well saying I was on the right track in a particular outfit that I really love on me. So if he commented to confirm something for you it sounds to me you’re on the right road!

  15. I doubted like every day for months and months. I actually think it’s wild bc TR seems like the obvious choice for me now but honestly sometimes I go through moments where I feel the need to “prove” to myself I’m TR and not R or SG. I think it’s got more to do with the fact that since David Kibbe isn’t here to tell me exactly what I am I often doubt because this is a more abstract thing. It’s not clear cut. And there’s so much info out there.

  16. Never!! But tbh I have seen some on the romantic sub Reddit who don't look R to me at all. I think R is way hyped up for some reason I don't understand

  17. Same. TR lines work on me and ones for other types are pretty bad, so I'm done. I see people here get excited about specific outfits or items they consider TR that I know wouldn't be good on me, and I have no idea whether they'd work on other TRs, but that's not my problem. I don't need to get bogged down in the details when the holistic model of dressing for that type has been so useful for me.

  18. I feel really confident in my ID and don't really doubt it. I first thought I was R when I first learned about kibbe and then a couple of years ago or so I posted here and people suggested SN instead (I now see how a newbie could mistake Rs and SNs) and once I understood what in my body was frame and what was flesh and how that combined to form lines in my body it made perfect sense to me. I feel like I'm such a clear example of an SN now to me.

  19. Yeah, I really think I am a TR because of how TR lines make me feel. However, I am tiny, petite and cutesy looking, so people on this sub often say “are you sure you’re not gamine?” And I doubt myself for a bit but I genuinely don’t think I am

  20. Sometimes I have doubts about being SD, but I just don’t believe I am D or FN. At times I wonder if my curve isn’t ‘enough’ for SD… but I do have softness, definitely! On a yang frame. Other times I wonder if I subconsciously overlooked width or had bias that made me not want to be FN (I don’t consciously not want to be, but obviously bias can exist without you being aware). I think I could be typed by others as FN, perhaps, but in person, in the flesh, it seems clear that I have sharp yang rather than blunt. I have discussed it with my partner a lot too, and she is very confident I am SD, so that helps.

  21. For the past half of a year, nearly not at all. I don't see any possibility of me fitting into another ID (besides a huge figure of DK materializing in the sky, pointing at me and saying in a godlike voice: "You're not a DC!")

  22. So interested by your point about the balance inherent to classics and how that impacts the visual effect of dressing your lines! I’m self-typed as an FN, and part of why I feel as sure as I do about that ID is how off I look if I don’t dress for width or stray into overly yin territory.

  23. People were tied between FG and DC for me, sometimes I still question it because I don't look good in crazy patterns, high necklines, or crazy hair lol

  24. Sometimes this happens to me, but I feel like it is because the way we see ourselves in mirrors is slightly different from how we look. Just the other day I was feeling like I may be a little softer than previously thought and started questioning if maybe I wasn't SG. Then I looked at pictures of myself taken by other people and all the softness I was seeing in the mirror went away. When I doubt I also tend to look at pictures of verified celebrities for the other type (usually SG for me) and it makes me realize how different we look and how some of the recommendations for that type wouldn't work for me at all, in spite of being in the same G family. Also I feel very confident when wearing FG lines and I really see how they look harmonious on me vs when I'm not wearing them

  25. I doubt all the time lol sooo I haven’t settled yet 😂. One day I think I’m SN and then another day I think I’m DC and then another I think I’m R. But I’m trying to be chill about it and not force myself into a box, just enjoy exploring and trying new things when I can

  26. I’m 5’2” and am 98% settled on SN but every time I see a photo of a SG with prominent shoulder bones i second guess myself lol…until I put on a halter top

  27. I would say that I am the closest I’ve come to being “settled” on my type which, to me, means I feel like I have a 90% chance of being typed an SG (very similar to Jenna Coleman), 5% chance of being typed a TR (Mika Kunis), and maybe a 5% chance of being typed some sort of petite natural (Sarah Jessica Parker). That’s as close to certain as I can be based on my own abilities. If I were to be typed a TR though, I would doubt the person typing me more than my type, if that makes sense, because the lines only kinda work on me. And I look ridiculous in natural lines because my petite is pretty dominant. But there is a part of me that wonders.

  28. I don’t want to confuse you but since Jenna Coleman isn’t verified please don’t rely on her! A lot of people (including me) think she is an extremely obvious SN!

  29. I doubt it mostly because I just don’t know how to perceive my shoulders. Especially because I’ve been breastfeeding for a year and a half and it made my upper arms significantly fatter. I’m very thin naturally but also a fleshy person. And I have vertical at 5’7” so I’m not petite for sure. I think I’m stuck between DC and a small SD. When I’ve worn SD style outfits in the past I’ve always felt hot and DC is a way I’ve always loved but am naturally a bit too lazy to dress like. So I’m unsure about DC since I don’t really dress that way and I feel like I’m maybe not busty or vertical enough for SD. When I look in the mirror at my vertical it seems not as much as I see in other’s verticals but maybe there’s dysmorphia going on? I’ve always been told I have really long legs. So it’s a whole weird mess. It’s reassuring that others also are confused though 😅

  30. i'm SN, but i often wonder if i'm more gamine-leaning. when i first started kibbe, i thought I was FG, and i think a lot of short SNs often think they're FG. now, i'm looking more into SG recommendations, because I realize i need a bit of "zest" in my outfits—"spitfire" is one of the more relatable (if still broadly cringeworthy lol) slogans that kibbe's come up with. if i don't have something ironic or playful or sharp in my outfit—something that goes against "fresh and sensual" vibes—i feel extremely BLAH.

  31. Honestly every day, I feel like I’m not yin enough for R a lot of times due to somethings unrelated to kibbe, but then I remember conventional appearance and kibbe are very different! edit: I always think sn, but I feel like they tend to look very different from I, I just can’t put my finger on what it is but it’s definitely the chest area, so I started debating G family

  32. I've been doubting my ID for the past few weeks. After reading the Metamorphosis descriptions I was almost completely certain I was SN- I also considered R, but it felt too dainty, too delicate for me- my mom mentioned a couple of times when I was a kid I that was 'big-boned' and 'sturdy', plus my hands and feet are slightly large for my height, which Metamorphosis said is a trait Rs won't have. I later found out that Kibbe said R fam won't be leggy, which solidified my belief that I'm SN, as I have the 'slightly leggy' look that SNs can sometimes have. I also briefly considered SD at some point, but I don't think I have vertical. I haven't entirely ruled it out, but I don't think it's likely.

  33. IK I have vertical for sure. However, I'm conflicted on whether I have upper body curve or width. I look good in flowy culottes and boxy tops. So, that makes me FN. On the other hand, draped silhouettes suit me well. That leads to the opinion that I'm SD. I've not been able to decide on any of these IDs.

  34. I doubt a lot mainly cause of my face and being currently overweight, I still kinda wonder if I might just be in denial about being a SN or maybe some sort of G

  35. I think I’ve stopped second guessing myself because I always notice my width now when I try on clothes. I was stuck between SG and SN for awhile, but I realized that my width was the most impactful thing about my frame.

  36. At first I typed myself at around age 15-16 as a SN , which if you've met me in person you'll know that I absolutely am .

  37. I never truly settled but most roads pointed to R so I was mostly there. But SN has been there too because width and curve is extremely likely and perhaps more common than double curve. I then stepped away from image ID itself onto outfit building. I think my desired style is towards the dark and bohemian, but my true style is sporty and pragmatic. I don't even accessorize. I took a long long break during pregnancy and the first year of baby care basically because style is not what's on my mind now.

  38. I doubt myself on whether I’m a dramatic or not cause I have width in my shoulders but I don’t think I’ve enough for accommodations to be a fn

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