Right after doubting, I am actually settling on an ID and I feel like I learned a few things from my last doubting crisis (might help those of you who can never decide what you are)

  1. The one caveat I would make to this is that your physical form will determine what your ID is, above anything else. That’s what the fantasy quiz in the book is about—to see if your inner “fantasy” self and your outer “reality” self align, because they don’t always. Way back before the exercises, I settled by focusing on these inner desires and how I felt I was seen by the world. There was some overlap in essence between where I thought I was and where I’ve now settled, but the reality is my physical body is the determining factor. This may be particular to where I fall (one of those SNs with a Gamine essence), because I haven’t heard him mention it for any other ID. But it can be a trap to focus too much on how you think you’re seen or how you want to be seen. Because what if someone really is a Diva and they just need that unleashed? If you look at the before and afters in the Metamorphosis book, it would be hard to get a sense of the essence that goes along with that Image ID from the picture.

  2. I 100% agree that physical form is the most important factor, what I meant is that it’s your physical form in real life that will determine your ID and overanalysing photos with distortion when you know they aren’t true to what’s there irl isn’t the way to figure it out, it will only turn into body obsession.

  3. Wow! Fascinating journey! I am curious if Kibbe has verified any celebs as SNs with gamine essence? I find it hard to visualise the exact idea this encapsulates. For instance, there are people of all types that might have a so-called gamine essence, so I’m intrigued by why SN is specifically set aside and (I assume) given special principles within the SN ID?

  4. Oh i can actually see a lot of SC in that Elinor role and it makes sense that you might identify a lot with it!!

  5. 🙏 about eight months ago I switched from SG experiment to SD bc suddenly instead of juxtaposition others were seeing vertical. I couldn't see it, but I trusted them so I gave it about four months. It wasn't bad-- a lot of the clothes worked great for me-- but the image didn't feel right. No one would EVER describe me as Diva Chic. I decided to try R fam instead and it feels RIGHT. People have suggested TR for me but the R essence feels better to me, so I'm embracing that right now. Most of the clothes are the ones I wore when experimenting as SD, but with a different vibe. 😊

  6. This is what I don’t understand about Kibbe and where I’m hitting my roadblock. Physically I’m textbook Romantic but my essence/preference is strongly Gamine. What’s the move when there’s a mismatch?

  7. It really depends on how you define essence. If you're referring to facial features then per Kibbe the yin yang balance in your body will also be reflected in your face. But this is something not everyone is able to see in themselves because of the nuanced ways in which said yin yang balance can manifest — IDs are broad, not everyone will look the same, and factors like racial/ethnic diversity or weight can make it more difficult to pin down.

  8. When I think about how I would be typed as an actor...it's always the "spunky girl next door". I think I am an SN, but perhaps with a gamine essence, if that is possible? SN lines work on me, but I'm not sureI see myself as "fresh and sensual". I've always been one of the boys. Plus I'm too fat for gamine lines...in my mind.

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