Height limits and increase in average height over the last century

  1. Honestly, the average height hasn’t increased as drastically as people make it seem. It varies from country to country but in the US specifically where the system was created, it’s still 5’4.

  2. Oh fair enough, I’ve only ever lived in Europe so I’m guess I’m used to our heights. I must say you can see a divide between my parents and grandparents generations vs mine (in my twenties).

  3. In Kibbe, 5’4” is about average. The CDC seems to agree with that. 5’5” MAY be able to sneak into R, but is probably going to be looking at C/D/N families. 5’6” is inching (ha!) into slightly taller territory and most likely will be somewhere in C/D/N. 5’7” is interesting, because most stores consider it part of their “average” height section (usually, 5’4”-5’7”), but Kibbe sees that as almost automatic vertical.

  4. Fair enough, that’s a good way of putting it down. But as you’ve said, I find it odd that 5’7’’ is still pretty average and probably wouldn’t need to shop in the tall section (which makes longer garnements). I also believe petite section aren’t much about height, I personally tend to shop there as they do smaller sizes than average shops and have never ended up looking like I was borrowing my little sister’s clothes - yet I’m fat from 4’11’’.

  5. 2 points I have and the first is that clothes are always easier to take in or shorten then let out or lengthen - so ones fit issues don’t always correlate with their fit accommodation unless they are extreme ie only very tall women will find pants too short, and not finding pants too short or jackets too narrow doesn’t mean you don’t accommodate vertical or width. 2ndly and my dog is freaking out from fireworks so I apologize I’m gonna copy and paste a previous comment

  6. Kibbe has updated some height limits, but not in the way you would like to. For example, the height limit for Soft Natural used to be 5'7" but now it's 5'6".

  7. Haha well that’s even more limiting in my opinion! I just find it weird that there are strict ‘taller’ height limits but not ‘shorter’ ones.

  8. I’m not sure that much has changed, at least not here in the United States. The average height is still around 5’4 for women.

  9. I’m 5’0 and my legs are long. As long as my 5’10 husband actually. I suppose his legs could just be short though .. lol. But I’ve always been told I have long legs. I have long arms as well. So I look tall in photos, but of course still look short in real life despite my long appendages because I am short

  10. Many people lie about their height. For a lot of people, take away 0.5 to 2 inches from what they say that they are, especially for men. A lot of men who say that they’re 5’11” are much shorter than I am.

  11. Lol don’t you love that? My husband always says he’s 6 foot. But we measured him and he’s 5’10. Still won’t admit to that though

  12. More of a lurker here and not at all a Kibbe expert--but I wanted to at least validate the principle of what you're saying.

  13. I'm probably on the older end here having grown up in the 90's, and I can honestly say that, from the perspective of a woman who is 5'2" (type undecided) and a teenager then, with a mom who is 5'0" (pure R) who was an adult in the 80's, Mom and I were not any more common 'back then' at our heights and in our respective generations. We if anything still felt like the freaks, the odd ones out, because petite was not the common norm. We were still surrounded by tall willowy goddesses in 1995, just like we are today. And we're American, so we are from the country where the system originated. But isn't there also a global average height as well? And isn't it still 5'4"?

  14. Thank you for that perspective! I’m neither particularly tall nor short, so I guess I’m not as impacted and might’ve perceived things differently growing up and now as an adult. I’m really sorry that you’ve felt like that, my own mum is about your height and fortunately for her she wasn’t considered abnormally short growing up - she was between shortish and average and still is among her friends and colleagues.

  15. The height in Kibbe has nothing to do with how tall you are compared to other people. Some countries will have a lot shorter people overall and others a lot taller, but that will likely be reflected in their IDs too. IDs with a "moderate vertical" in Kibbe have a proportionate height in relation to the rest of their body body not to other people. In contrast, the tall IDs have visual length that is noticeable when you look at them and the clothing they wear should ideally compliment that. So with petites. It's not relative to other people but to what shapes and lines it creates in the body as a whole and how the shapes and lines of garments will work with that.

  16. You can even see this in some of the fashions that come out of different parts of the world! There's a reason those long, boxy, minimalist Scandinavian styles come out of Scandinavia, you know?

  17. Idk if this makes sense how I’m saying it, but everyone being taller won’t change everyone’s type. Your ID isn’t what your body looks like in relation to everyone around you, it’s what your body looks like in relation to the clothes your wearing.

  18. No because for myself being right at or just slightly over 5’5”, you can call me “petite” as long as you wish, but it will not erase the fact that I have width and curve that I have to accommodate. I couldn’t suddenly begin dressing to accommodate something I’m not based on how someone else wants to view me by my height alone.

  19. Oh course not, that was not my point haha. It was more about height seeming like such a deciding factor for almost certainly ruling out certain aspects regardless of the overall impression of a person. Of course someone’s characteristics are inherent to themselves and calling them X or Y instead won’t change that, but rather I don’t think it should be a make or break rule unless you’re effectively visibly very tall or very short. I don’t know if I’m making much sense here.

  20. As a 6ft tall woman, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I do understand that at higher heights there is more vertical line in your silhouette, but I’ve had a hard time understanding why we divide by height (R vs SD for instance) when people of different heights have identical proportions. I’m not saying it’s common, but it certainly is possible for tall people to have the same shapes as smaller people. At that point, isn’t height just relative to the viewer and the people designing the clothes?

  21. You’ve summarised a lot of my thinking. I’m down in the middle in terms of height but out of everything in the system what really got me was height. I also believe that men have higher height limits?

  22. Yes thank you, that’s basically what I was trying to convey as well. It doesn’t make any sense to me! Or then if you want to commit to height limits, create a minimum height as well? People keep saying tall = automatic long vertical line but somewhat short =/= short vertical line? The Mae West is a great example, 152cm is extremely short and probably about as rare as 178cm women. The other example that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn (I personally don’t really see petite and / or short vertical line in her, rather the opposite) but I’m sure if I brought her up in the original post I would’ve had a million explanations as to how she could still be a G despite her height (which apparently is supposed to be off, because how could a gamine ever be taller you know...).

  23. Yeah, I’m 5’7, and I consider myself average-to-tall. I also have a large head and big facial features, which makes my vertical line seem a lot shorter. I think I’m SD, as while I’m thin, I have a VERY defined waist.

  24. Only here to add that I’m 5’8” with a 29 inch inseam and 75% of the time “regular” denim fits perfect in length. The other 25% I need to go to “tall” sometimes within the same brand. As such I always need to check inseam.

  25. Oh well at least I’m glad it fits 75% of the time! I don’t know where you live but you might want to check Zara and Mango. I’ve got pretty long legs but still need to take about 5 inches off for my trousers to fit just above the ground, so I’m thinking for someone with a long inseam they’d look lovely!

  26. This is objectively wrong. A lot of people lie about their heights, and a lot of women who claim to be 5’7” are 5’5” - 5’6”. When a person claims a height, ask them if they can back it up in cm. A real 5’7” woman will be 170cm - 172cm.

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