Sanna Marin, Finland's prime minister

  1. I see DC, she suits balanced, minimal outfits with slightly sharp tailoring. Additionally, I think she fits the DC image ID. I don’t think she needs the graphic, high energy and choppy styling of an FG, and I also don’t think she has any gamine essence. She’s extremely classic looking.

  2. Btw, in Metamorphosis Ds get more minimal details vs. DCs (you can read the Details section in D chapter versus DC). Ds can go more extreme with their silhouettes/line though. I know it's not so black and white anymore with David's new approach but I find it interesting.

  3. She is 168 cm tall. I don't see her being a natural or one of the romantics, I would rather guess DC or FG. What do you think?

  4. She’s too tall for FG, my vote is for DC based on silhouette and a very strong essence (might also just be the politician stereotype though)

  5. Definitely DC. I can see people saying FN because of her style but that asymmetric one shoulder dress was eating her alive, a FN could’ve handled that.

  6. I say pure D. DC is not a bad guess but something about her lacks Yin. She's still, commanding and more "regal". All over elongated (seen in torso, not just limbs). Sometimes the two can be close but this is how I feel as a diy DC. Lizzy Caplan has a similar physique, yes, but her essence is way different to me.

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