The Classic-Leaning FN – Controversial Dakota Johnson vs. Verified FN Anne Hathaway (both 5'7), in similar outfits

  1. Tbh I don't think you slept on it, I suspect she just started really bringing it this year. I'd like to be proven wrong on this but I haven't done the research.

  2. I think you can really see the horizontal openness in Anne Hathaway’s upper body in the second outfit. She’s conventionally quite narrow in my opinion and a great example of how width isn’t necessarily literal width in the upper body. In the 7th outfit you can see how frame dominant she is as well.

  3. I think Dakota has waaaay too much sharpness to be N family and this comparison really shows it imo. I think she is somewhere between DC and SD, she seems on the moderate end to me but she also has her fair share of softness! I reckon that's why she has been regarded as SC by so many even though she is obviously too tall.

  4. She is for sure one of the tall types for me. I'm not sure which,she could be D or SD but she has clear vertical which Cs don't have. I don't know how the misconception of SC came up, it makes 0 sense.

  5. Dakota johnson strikes me more as a DC, she looks more balanced and moderate with slightly sharp and squarish edges ( shoulders).

  6. I was always torn between DC and FN for her but what made me lean FN was that she’s 5’7 and noticeably elongated compared to most DCs. A 5’7 DC would have to be really balanced but I think Dakota leans heavily towards elongated. I also think she looks great in FN recommendations, including her signature tousled loose waves and natural makeup.

  7. Honestly... sometimes I wonder why this sub loves to diagnose DC for anything vertical and straight-ish that ever walked in fancy suit (add sleek hair and a sheath dress and everyone's sold!) and if there's no obvious width... it cannot be FN = must be DC. Right.

  8. I dunno lol but I feel like I’m leaning more D for her now just based on this comparison lol. D’s can have wider shoulders as well. Anne also just looks more bold than Dakota in a way too.

  9. I've been compared to DJ and I am D! I honestly think she is D now, it's a hot take but I think she's a "Taylor Swift D" (somewhat soft in the face, not super duper sharp or narrow, but also doesn't need to accommodate width or curve). I love Dakota in shiny fabrics, a super sharp v neck, monochrome...

  10. Their faces are so different it makes me feel like Dakota cannot be a flamboyant natural, she’s too round in the facial features compared to the angularity of Anne

  11. I noticed that DJ looked better with pants and dresses hitting at the ankle or just skimming a little above it. AH looked best with dresses and pants going further down the foot and elongating the vertical line.

  12. The lovely Anne Hathaway is an example of a celebrity that Kibbe does not work for a true FN could pull off 5 & 6 they are undoubtedly her worst outfits. 7 is her best look and that style is definitely not FN. John Kitchener is a better system for her .

  13. I’m not sure anyone would be terribly flattered by Anne’s outfit in slide 5. It is terribly ill-fitted and it breaks up her vertical line.

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