A 3 for 1 on 5'6-5'7 Speculated DC Actresses from Iconic 2000s Teen Shows: Alexis Bledel, Nina Dobrev, and Kaya Scodelario

  1. I can see a potential Classic typing for Alexis, but the other women… idk how to put it into words, except to say that they appear more yang than a classic ? They have a bolder impact and I think can get away with some much stronger styling choices.

  2. OP is a very well known Kibbe poster(at least I’ve seen them post and comment more than most) I don’t think you need to explain width to them. I could see it though.

  3. I’ve seen SD for Alexis bledel before but esp in these pictures I think DC. She rocks a moderate outfit

  4. She definitely could be, although I think she looks a lot more moderate in some photos than she does in others. The photo of her in the blue dress is clearly taken from a low angle and that's the only one where I think she has a very exaggerated-looking vertical. I don't think she looks awkward when she breaks her vertical the way pure Ds tend to. She's also the shortest of the bunch at closer to 5'5 so she's well within the DC height limits. She looked pure D to me when she was younger and super skinny but now she looks a lot more moderate, although I could definitely see her as a Kristen Wiig type D!

  5. If Alexis is more like 5'5" like some sources say: maybe FG. If she's too tall then I guess FN. I don't get Classic vibes at all. She's more like youthful, sweet and fresh.

  6. i agree! her face is a bit too youthful-looking for any sort of D? i’m not seeing dominant or confident. she has soft and sweet features rather than strong ones, the same with Kaya.

  7. If she was typed as a tall TR, that wasn't Kibbe. There are no tall TRs, the same goes for other types with a height limit. TRs are petite and in Kibbe, petite is only possible at 5'5" or smaller. Most petite people are 5'4" and smaller.

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