Kibbe’s Prime Example | Dramatic Classic | Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

  1. I feeling a lot of her looks aside from being at events as First Lady were pretty casual yet very chic and would still work a lot today. Personally I love vintage fashion so seeing vintage celebrity fashion is where I’d like to garner inspiration from, but I understand that’s not something that appeals to everyone

  2. I don’t think the idea with Jackie-O as the prime example is to inspire everyone to dress like high society women from the early 60s. I think she’s the prime example because she so wholly embodies the archetype of a sophisticated yet powerful woman in the collective consciousness. I think the inspiration that’s supposed to come from Jackie isn’t her clothing, but rather her aura.

  3. I mostly typed as DC, but when I see Jacqueline Kennedy, I’m starting to have big doubts about it cause we are so much different.

  4. There’s variety within types, there’s plenty of verified DCs who look different. For example, Olivia Munn looks different from Katherine Ross who looks different from Jane Wyman. It’s not necessarily that each and every single part of your face/body need to line up - it’s that the general “vibe” given off by you and your physicality align with the same archetype

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