Who can wear a midi skirt?

  1. I'm a fg with short legs and I dig midi skirts. Kibbe is all about embracing and highlighting your features, not hiding them. I'm short and have short legs, if midi skirts make me or my legs "look" short...so be it? I "look" short because I am short and there's nothing wrong with that 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. It’s not just the shortness. If you have really slim calves, you’re usually ok. But I’m 5’3” and mid-length seems to make my calves look wide and my proportions very stocky. Basically, it doesn’t make me look short necessarily, but badly proportioned.

  3. Hell yeah I’m in the same situation, FG with very short legs (26” inseam, so fun to shop for) and midi skirts are some of my favorites. Mid-shin is the sweet spot for length imo

  4. It doesn’t look good on me! When you look at me eye-to-eye, it’s fine but since 100% of everyone is taller than me, everyone sees that it covers my feet

  5. I wear a lot of midi length dresses. It’s my personal favorite length and because I’m “tall” in kibbe world, I automatically need to accommodate vertical. I don’t wear longer dresses unless they are maxi dresses in the summer or formal wear.

  6. How do you accommodate vertical with a midi dress? Stockings/boots in the same darkness of the skirt? Or doesn't that matter?

  7. As SD, I feel like I can pull off a midi skirt with tall boots (with a bit of a heel). It’s a bit 70s, but that on the bottom and a v-neck fitted shirt on top in a similar color can look pretty nice.

  8. So the heels, the V-neck and the sleekness of the silhouette add back the loss of vertical that is caused by the midi hemline?

  9. As a short-legged SN, I usually avoid midi skirts. But a high-waist midi with the right shoes (boots/heels) still works. Clothes don't have ID's, it's the look that counts.

  10. midi skirts are so flattering on me, as a 5'7 dramatic. anything knee length definitely cuts my length in half and looks terrible, but a sleek midi never fails to look great.

  11. Midi length skirts are good on short legs if they don't cut you off at the worst part. Just below the widest part is universally flattering.

  12. I'm a 5'5" DC with shortish legs, and I've got a black pleated midi skirt that looks great....if I style it in a particular way. I wear it with black, heeled, knee high boots, and a longer length black/dark coloured jumper. As soon as I break up the line with say ankle boots or a shorter jumper it looks very bad 😳

  13. As an FN I like when skirts/dresses cut off at the knee, so mid-calf is a bit too long. I feel like that's the best place for them to end, if I'm not going super short (shorts) or super long (ankle length or lower). Mid-calf is kind of an awkward place to end, that's thickest part of my leg :/

  14. I’m a straight up classic and I look good in midi skirts. Pencil skirts specifically. I long to wear the flow dresses and skirts of the naturals but I can’t.

  15. Not sure of my type, but I think midi skirts and dresses are the most flattering on me. I am very short, 5'2", with very short legs but a long torso. For reference, because of the length of my torso, typical "petite" labeled pants are either an inch or two too short in the length or in the rise.

  16. Midi skirts are effectively part of SG's clothing reccomendations (as long as it's not a-line), just not in so many words.

  17. Midi length can disrupt vertical, so any type that doesn’t accommodate vertical can wear midi skirts. It’s a personal preference whether they’re flattering or not though.

  18. I'd like to discuss that. My non-Kibbe-eye tells me I prefer midi skirts on tall people, or moderate people with long legs. Because they have enough length left when the midi hem cuts them off visually. I like midi skirts on FNs, and if the skirt is sleek enough, on D or SD. I wonder if there are things that could be considered universally flattering, or if that is all brought in by society. To me, it feels as if balance* between the length of the upper and lower body is key. When the torso appears overly long, it deviates to much from this balance. Overly long legs don't seem to throw off balance as fast. Do you think this is all personal preference? *I'm using balance in a non-Kibbe way.

  19. I'm surprised to see that people with shorter legs enjoy midi skirts. I have short legs for my height (just under 5'5") and either SG or R and I find they make me look so stumpy. Maybe I should play around with lengths a little more, but midis really throw off my proportions. I also have rather "robust" calves so that doesn't help anything either when trying to style a midi. Maybe it's just personal preference and what looks good on one's body.

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