What makes Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Love Hewitt FG?

  1. Jennifer has long legs and short arms and sharp bone structure. You can see her sharpness in her shoulders even when she has a nice bit of softness on her hips. She is still a mix of short and lomh lines but has more sharpness than G and SG

  2. We don’t know. There I said it. 42 thousand of us and I bet only 2 or 3 thousand actually know what they’re talking about, if that much.

  3. "Juxtaposition" isn't a term DK coined and doesn't mean they must have mismatching proportions because other than the classics, a lot of IDs can have that. Gamines are more prone to it and I do see it here but the main thing is that they have "Kibbe petite" that can be very difficult to gauge. Gamines' juxtaposition, or rather combination of opposites, was originally noted as "yang in frame but yin in size." FG especially since they have additional yang. It's snowballed into its own thing now but I wanted to clarify. Head size has nothing to do with Kibbe even if it does affect visual perception.

  4. What’s with the “only kibbe can know” vibe on this sub? No hate to you specifically, I just see people treat him like a god. Shouldn’t his system be able to be understood by everyone, without his approval? What happens when this guy kicks it?

  5. Penelope has long arms, short legs, a large head and some sharper features. Her shoulders are also not soft at all. She doesn't strike me as being as short as G or SG probably because of the length of her arms

  6. Once you pointed out her arms I had to look back because I did not notice that before! Same for the sharp bones on both women!

  7. Okay I will likely get downvoted a lot for this but I truly harbor no hate for FG and find them such a beautiful ID. The thing that is similar among these two women is that their bodies, for lack of a better word, confuse me. And what I think I am really responding to is the juxtopostion which is at the core of the gamine body. Penelope has width that belies her actual more delicate bones. This is why I think FGs can pull off SO many types of looks. They have a little of everything going on. Similarly, JLH has an amount of curve and flesh that I would not expect to see on such a tiny and narrow frame. Even when heavier, her face reminds kidna sharp and pointy--there is always a mix-match of roundiness and sharpness.

  8. i would say it's because they're narrow and straight through their upper bodies, small in size and have sharper bone structure. they also both have very gamine faces that just capture the entire impression

  9. I can totally see FG for Penelope in slides 4 and 5! It’s difficult for me to see it on Jennifer, she is too curvy… I would expect a straighter frame on an FG. IMO Jennifer looks like a TR or SG at most but mostly TR. also who plays tennis dressed like that, and more importantly, with those shoes?

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