Why doesn’t this dress work?? Something is off.

  1. It makes your shoulders wider than the rest of your body. Specifically your hips which completely throws off your actual proportions. It makes you look like a triangle which is obviously not your natural shape. I think having the hair down also reinforces how wide the dresses shoulders are. There is nothing to break it up.

  2. I think your hair is way too slick for that dress-can you try wearing it more airy and fluffy? The puffy sleeves don’t bother me too much but it’s the area in between the shoulders and hair that creates an unflattering 90 degree angle.

  3. The puffiness of the sleeves is too horizontal and it makes you look out-proportionately horizontally wide in just the shoulders.

  4. Would you be able to edit your comment so the first part is less harsh? It’s been reported for insulting or belittling behavior.

  5. You’re look very petite, the volume of the sleeves is drawing attention away from everything else about you except for the shoulders. I think it would be perfect if the sleeves were taken in though, the color looks amazing on you

  6. I see mostly yang in your body in the picture and the dress has more yin ( sleeves and flared skirt) imo. It works against your own bone structure imo and doesn’t look harmonious. The shoulders are way too broad and takes all focus from the viewer. I get classic vibes for sure, and my first thought was that you look very dramatic classic in the picture. Or at least flamboyant gamine if you accommodate petite.

  7. I think this dress makes me look way yang-ier that I actually am. I have a slight double curve and a lot of hallmark SG characteristics that really shine in G lines. I used to be torn on whether or not I was an FG but I don’t have that slight, colty vertical that they have even at a low weight.

  8. This is a terrible dress for you. It looks like you are wearing something that is too small for your height. I’m not sure how tall you are but the dress makes you look taller. The sleeves are too sharp and the fit flare part of the dress doesn’t match the sleeve. The silhouette is not balanced. If the sleeves were a little more rounded( or no puff sleeve) and the bodice and skirt wrapped around with waist emphasis it would look better. Try to bring more romantic elements to your dresses.

  9. I’m 5’0” on the dot so quite petite. I always have to accommodate that first otherwise my clothes swallow me up or the proportions look off and drag me down. I used to think I might be an SN but I tend to get swallowed up in any traditional SN lines. Even those dresses you shared would be tough because that cross/surplus front style always looks frumpy on me and hits too low for my waist. Maybe it’s my short torso, but I don’t think I have the width for that.

  10. Unpopular opinion here: the sleeves are fine. They actually look great. It’s the skirt that’s the problem. It needs to be a tight pencil and a bit longer. And angular, slightly shorter lob cut would be killer with this☺️

  11. Caption in comment: Probable soft gamine here. I bought this dress wanting to love it and thinking it had a lot of things that work well for me: compact silhouette with the length, waist emphasis (there’s a seam you can’t really see at my natural waist), a high neckline, cropped sleeves, and a little poof at the shoulder. The fabric is divine. In spite of it having some vertical due to being monochromatic, the shape kinda creates enough difference between the top and bottom for me and I like skater-type dress styles.

  12. I don’t think the shoulders are the problem it’s the sharpness of the bottom of the dress and the A line in contradiction with the puffy, soft yin sleeves.

  13. I think it’s the hair and the shoe honestly! An updo and a sleek pump would make this look really elevated. The dress having so much volume at the top and your hair being flatter at the crown is what makes the shoulder look off to me.

  14. i think for one the harshness of the sleeves doesnt work with the softness of the skirt. the lines of the dress itself dont match. but the dress without the sleeves would match you so well!

  15. My mother is a soft gamine and she can’t handle overly large sleeves, shoulder pads, any thing that’s too poofy around arm/shoulder area without looking overwhelmed. She looks GREAT in a tiny shoulder pad & can rock a dress with a little bit of poof. If you already purchased this dress, you can take it to a tailor and they can remove some of the fabric from the the shoulder/arm area & it will look great!!!

  16. The puff sleeves are too yin for you. I think you feel off because you are more likely a flamboyant gamine. You look long and lean with drama, not compact and softer like a soft gamine would. In my opinion, of course. That said, I don’t hate it. Pointy-toed flats would be better with it as an outfit. The dress is very structured, so a structured shoe would help the whole whole look. And bigger, softer hair.

  17. It’s so funny because this dress in particular gives me this weird vertical that I do not actually have. I’m 5’0” and have a short torso with a tiny bit of double curve in the bust that’s totally obscured by the sleeves here.

  18. To me the hemline does nothing for your legs, also I feel you could have sized down, the way it only shows your shape on the one side you're leaning towards

  19. This dress would shine on someone with more width and a longer vertical line — though I’m a beginner at Kibbe so might be wrong. For that person, the sleeves wouldn’t swallow up their frame

  20. def the puffy sleeves or maybe it's the the length of it. to me to looks better if it was half a short and maybe less volume. all up to you hon.

  21. I am a moderate contrast dark winter. My color in this photo is a little off, it definitely makes me look more like a summer.

  22. Actually, I think this dress should be bodycon or fitted tight at the bottom instead of flared out at the waist in order to keep the puffy sleeves.

  23. In addition to the sleeves that everyone has mentioned, the shoes are too casual for the formality of the dress. Wearing something that matches like-for-like, maybe a pump, and dark like the dress, would balance the look.

  24. The angular puffed shoulder and full neckline is too harsh. That combined with the flat hair and shoes is kind of dwarfing you in it.

  25. Along with what others are saying, I think a better pair of shoes would make this dress better (but that is maybe obvious)

  26. i mean... i kinda love it. I think all that is missing is bling, heels, and attitude. With a dress like this you gotta own it.

  27. Even just changing your hair and shoes would make a massive difference! The dress fits well and the sleeves are really trendy

  28. I don't think it's you I think it's the actual design of the dress, they're way too harsh in comparison to the rest of the dress. I'm not 100% certain this would look great on anyone....

  29. The dress is dramatic (in a good way), so keep everything else simple and add some heels. I’d do a winged liner and a nice non-red lipstick. Shoulders back, heads up, and work the dress, ma’am!

  30. I have wide hips and these types of sleeves balance me out. I think the opposite might be the case for you, however you can probably wear a sleeveless dress which looks terrible on me!

  31. Wow y’all. Was not expecting this to blow up the way it did. Thanks for helping me put words to what the issue is. I’m for sure running this to the tailor to pull the shoulder pads from the sleeves and reduce the poof.

  32. Designer here, and the first thing I actually noticed was the length of the skirt vs the rest of your body. It's 50 black and 50 nude (your legs and shoes) vertically and those are very awkward proportions.

  33. The hard angles of the sleeves and the rigidity of your hair style are adding 2x hard angle, Personally, I would get the sleeves tailored to be less puffy, they’re too much IMHO.

  34. Personally you look quite tall to me, I believe the entire proportion of the dress is trying to shrink you down, especially the sleeves. You look more Yang. It's hard to judge with just one photograph, but perhaps more in the DC/D category??

  35. It’s crazy because I’m legit tiny. 5’0” on a good day. My friend is a petite D and her proportions are quite different from mine. When you can see my actual silhouette I have slight double curve but definitely err yangy. I might be an FG, but I keep coming back to SG when I try to analyze objectively.

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  37. Wrong shoes , pair this with pointed flats or boots. Curled hair would be best. Also it is creating disproportionate width at your shoulders- the bottom of the skirt needs to look more full to balance this out. These types of sleeves look best on longer & tighter dresses in my opinion, but as a mini dress making the skirt full is the best way to save this.

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