This is just a styling system, nothing too serious or deep

  1. For most of this I agree wholeheartedly!! But re: the Old Hollywood factor, I don’t take it as needing to dress in a way that harkens back to an earlier era and looking to dress like these women did. I see it more as the point of becoming your own style icon. How can you create the image that communicates who you are clearly and shows your best self? The studios were manufacturing these images while the studio system was in place, and basically what he’s saying is that you can create that for yourself and be the “star” of your life. It’s not that you should go back and get literal style inspiration from them. He’s actually not as big on giving people celebrity inspiration for their personal style as people think. It’s understanding how the star image was created. And the reason why current stars don’t really work is that icons have to have stood the test of time and that system hasn’t been in place for decades and careers and images aren’t crafted in that same way. What people wear on the red carpet often is more about what someone is paying them to wear.

  2. Yes, I see Old Hollywood archetypes as an invaluable resource to get a very pure, distilled concept of image.

  3. Thank you for clarifying, it makes more sense that way. But I guess part of my original problem still stands. I find celebrity inspiration useful and in the system it doesn’t really exist. There have been times when I wondered “how should I style this garment” and I could instantly think of a celebrity that would inspire me in some other styling system. I was looking for a new bag recently and my mind was stuck, I thought of Emily Ratajkowski who shares my quadrant in Rita’s system and I immediately found a ton of examples for what kind of bags she combines with outfits similar to those I was thinking. I am not saying that it’s wrong that Kibbe doesn’t do that, just something that is helpful to me and the way the Kibbe system is missing that part makes the styling process often not work for me.

  4. I do wish you were allowed to post the full list of verified celebrities. Just to clear up some misconceptions there.

  5. I want to thank you for taking the time to share your story and your thoughts. I agree with so many of your points here. The Kibbe system can seem insurmountable but it has so much potential to help you improve your looks. Some of the concepts are initially confusing but once you learn that the definitions aren’t as extreme as they’ve been made to be, it’s easier to find your way.

  6. I agree with many of your points. Since being in SK and reading David's posts, I've got a feeling that he is not in it only for the profit and I think he is really sincere, happy to help and doing it for the love of doing it. So those comments about him making thngs up just to confuse people and to be the only one who gets the system... I don't agree with those at all.

  7. I'd agree with you there. So many posts here suggest that DK loves TR because he's a TR. But over in SK, he says that the internet's obsession with TR is the internet's obsession, not his. I've only been in the group six months or so and I've never seen him criticise anyone's body. He's about maximising what we have, not changing it, and I find that really refreshing. Having said that - yes, I'd love to see an editor for the exercises because while they probably made sense when being posted in real time it's a bit hard to 'get' them afterward.

  8. Basically, people thought yin types would have rounded circles on top of each other (like a snowman) in their silhouettes/line drawings. But this misconception created more questions than it answered and led to a lot of people assuming they couldn’t be yin because they didn’t have snowman bodies!

  9. Oof, I don't think I'll ever forget those (now deleted) posts about lines where R was "snowman" and SD was "snowman with shoulders". I also fell for that.

  10. I have to say, I do find it annoying, as a relative newbie, that a response to a query a postulation is that my idea is “hilarious”. This happened, and I find it disrespectful or at least condescending. Maybe it wasn’t meant that way, but as a moderator I’d look into that sort of language. I find it not very helpful.

  11. i agree. there is a real problem with unkindness to people who are new & learning, or just asking genuine questions. People seem to assume a lot of ill intent for some reason.

  12. The first time I happened upon this sub (and by extension Kibbe) I thought it was a cult lol. I haven't read much about it as I've been busy and also finding it overwhelming but I'm curious about how/if it'll change the way I look at clothes and dress myself.

  13. The thing is where there is a "community" there is gatekeeping too. How one interprets kibbe should be a personal thing. Take everything with a grain of salt and ignore purism and severe guidelines. Extremity is bad in every aspect of life.

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