Kids decided to repaint the second floor

  1. Reminds me of the time me (6 y/o), my friend (6 y/o) and my little brother (4 y/o) found a can of paint and decided we need to paint the tree in the courtyard of out apt. complex.

  2. See, you had the "they might kill me" mentality in your head, that's clutch to raising good kids. Your stunt is a bath and some scrubbing vs 100 hours of labor.

  3. For real. I’d ask Wifey and our kids to go to her parents house until I cooled down if I found some shit like this!

  4. I saw the kids posted a DIY video of them doing the painting. It's called "How To Get Put Up for Adoption".

  5. At this point one should call in professionals. They will probably have to spray heavily to get all the kids so book a hotel for a few days.

  6. I saw this til tok originally. The dad works in construction and is all around handy. He said in an update that it came off the floor and tub really well but the walls and doors will need to be repainted.

  7. I decorated the front of the house with a pink marker pen. It kept seeping through the multiple layers of paint my parents applied. In my home, all paint, pens, felt, pencils are kept in a locked drawer.

  8. Once when I was little we had a friend over. My mom was wondering why are we quiet. In the course of the few minutes and with teamwork (my sister, our friend and I) we painted the whole hallway red.

  9. This is the lesson, first mistake was storing paint kids can reach and open, second was not existing for the hours it took them to paint multiple rooms wtf

  10. My eldest did exactly this. Thankfully just one room, and water based paint on a fairly non porous surface.

  11. The real challenge here is coming up with a punishment that feels logical and connected to the crime. You could have them scrubbing, but realistically they would just do more damage.

  12. This is called shock. It effects people in many different ways. It’s similar to having a hand grenade exploding very close to you. Sounds like Op might be catatonic or very close.

  13. Doesn't help anything to blow up at your kids. Especially small ones. No parents are perfect and I'm not saying it would scar them forever to get yelled at about this, but it really doesn't help.

  14. I, too, am constantly questioned for my child-free choice because god forbid a human live their life for something other than reproduction.

  15. This video (and the millions like it) are exactly why I did it. My dogs are messy enough. This shit is the deepest level of hell for someone that likes to keep their place organized, clean, and quiet.

  16. Based on the height and size of the handprints, this was a very small child that should never have been left alone long enough to cause this much damage. I’m sorry but this is totally on the parents.

  17. I was a stay at home dad for 5 years. Its really not that hard to just be in the same room as your kid(s), with the exeption of bathroom and bed time. I promise you can read your book or watch shit on your phone while still watching them during play time.

  18. I feel like it's just like puppies. If you can't be watching them, have them confined somewhere safe. You can't watch them 24/7.

  19. Every time my husband and I talk about not having had kids and we feel somewhat badly about it, I see something like this and realize we made the correct decision for us.

  20. I've always said that I would never have kids. But sometimes I get a random longing for children, especially since having a partner. Then I see shit like this, and any maternal urge I have flies out the fuckin window

  21. How? where was the paint? you can't be like "yep they this stupid" without being aware of such stupid and leaving paint out for such stupid, right?

  22. Parentisfuckingstupid for leaving paint where a stupid child can get to it. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  23. Honestly, I do not know what I would do if this happened to me. I know it sounds messed up but I would probably stop loving them and wish I would have done something else with my life.

  24. Honestly I think I would have yelled at them so hard that they would have needed therapy. I just don't have patience for a lack of common sense. It's one of the reasons I will never have kids, I would be a terrible father and no kid deserves that.

  25. This is what happens when you leave your kids completely unsupervised for an extended period of long did it take for this to happen?!

  26. So I was sleeping instead of watching my kids and what do you know they got into the paint and rollers I left out last night... so they are in trouble in the room and I'm posting on Facebook about it, actually yeah normal day.

  27. I don’t think this is a “kidsarefuckingstupid”….all of that happened over some time…where were any adults?? I never let my toddler go quiet more than 5 minutes before I’m checking on him. I have THREE kids and the excuse that “kids are hard” or “you probably aren’t a parent if you don’t understand” is no good excuse to this. Just, no way.

  28. Yep, this reminds me of when people post photos of the massive destruction a dog caused while left alone, blaming the dog as if the situation isn't a reflection of the owner's negligence. Some small accidents are bound to happen, but if it's totally out of hand, you have to look in the mirror.

  29. This is on the parents. Look it fucking sucks to be sleep deprived but kids are stupid and somebody needs to be up with them to make sure the house isn't destroyed. Also, why the F is paint in a position where it's accessible to kids?

  30. Textbook negligence. What the fuck were these parents doing for so long that their dumb babies can get away with all of this damage?

  31. This is more like parents acting stupid. How long must have they been alone and unsupervised to have done this?

  32. This is a massive parental failure, or a troll post. Tiny kids left unattended far too long with house paint at their disposal? No child safety gates, good thing they didn't slip down the stairs in wet paint and die. No stupid kids here. Just shit parents.

  33. I would find some cleaning for them kids to do. They might not be able to clean the paint up but they could clean something while you work on this mess, also no allowance for them you have to pay to repaint walls ect . Or take the phones. Away.. anyhow, good luck ....

  34. A rage that I've only truly known now that I'm a mother welled up inside me watching this, and it isn't even my home or kid. I can't even imagine a consequence appropriate for something this big, since it was obviously someone young enough to not know better. I just... hope they had the means to take the hit of this.

  35. Parents: “honey, you know how you said you always wanted more siblings? We’ve decided on adoption. Pack your things the foster care family will be here in an hour to pick you up.”

  36. I got my ass kicked to excess as a child and understand why corporal punishment is generally an incredibly bad idea. Abuse is not ok.

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