Peggy's best Spanish fails

  1. I love how when she's working for Alamo and she's discovered a lot of customers in Mexico are becoming sick after drinking it, she says "Now their Spanish wasn't great, but ..." about native speakers. It's such a great line with all it implies about how she thinks

  2. So ignorant on every level. Definitely that whole episode imho; shes just so confident in being wrong. When they stop the attorney and let her speak to make a case gets me every time.

  3. I love when she covers it up as a magic trick, he just grabs another chicken and chops its head off behind her.

  4. Not necessarily a Spanish fail, but I love it when she's like, "Listen to how I roll my R's. I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrest my case."

  5. In the airport Thanksgiving episode there's a Hispanic man talking about something in English, and Peggy overhears and runs up and goes "Escusamente senor, you hablo espanol!" And then proceeds to speak to him in English..

  6. Something just dawned on me, but how do they handle this in Spanish dubs of the show? Everyone would have perfect Spanish in conversation and then when teaching it or in the Lupe episode she would suddenly be butchering it

  7. I don't think they dub those. I know in the pilot in the Spanish dub she says she's a substitute English teacher and says very slowly "The. Students. Are. My. Friends"

  8. Because she said something like "Italian and Spanish are basically the same language", I thought this was true when I was a kid.

  9. This is actually kind of true. I know a Spanish speaking person who's wife is Italian and when they met they could communicate well enough until she learned English and he learned italian. He speaks like Spain Spanish though so I'm not sure if other dialects would translate as well.

  10. It would be hilarious if Hank was secretly fluent in Spanish. We'd just need one little throwaway line between him and Enrique.

  11. Her pronouncing iguana as "ee-ha-wana" is so hilarious I've ngl referred to actual iguanas like that when in a particularly silly mood.

  12. Nobody’s mentioned how the Mexican lawyer used her poor Spanish as a defense as to how she could never have kidnapped those children? Calling the judge a horse?

  13. There's a couple times where she pronounces (I think) a French word like she thinks it would be pronounced in Spanish. Can't think of what the actual words are, though. It's such a clever joke, I love it every time.

  14. I get a laugh whenever she completely ignores accent and pronunciation. A friend who speaks Japanese and I, who knows some Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, liked to speak those languages (mostly Japanese) with Peggy Hill-esque pronunciation and guess what each other were saying. It could get funny and confusing.

  15. Functionally it is gibberish, but she basically assumes every false cognate means the English equivalent of the word, her pronunciation is mostly wrong (like rolling every r, not just double r's, not knowing that the double l is pronounced like a y), and if she doesn't know the word she uses the English word as a base and adds an accent to the end. It's basically how a very very confident person would think the language is spoken after 1-2 semesters of high school Spanish.

  16. Not a Peggy quote, but how everyone else knows her Spanish is bad...when lucky is about to have Peggy help him with his GED (I'm not going into her on purposely failing him)...when Bobby says "study hard Lucky, (whispers) just don't correct her Spanish"

  17. Oh my god there are just too many to count for me! Peggy's terrible Spanish is my absolute favorite gag on the show!

  18. Off topic but definitely a "Peggy Move". Studying in college in Spain for a semester abroad...I was late for morning class and super embarrassed. I learned that day that, "estoy embarasada" doesn't mean, "I'm embarrassed".

  19. This is kind of in the same vein but when she's planning cinco de mayo and she says she doesn't want Boomhauer to bring Swiss cheese because it's "American" but she wants him to bring Monterey "hack"

  20. When the lawyer calls her to the stand twice and then she decides to go up to the stand otherwise the lawyer won't stop talking

  21. Lupe says that her family has no telephone and Peggy translates it as she won’t call her family because they hate her.

  22. Mine is when she tells Bobby he didn’t finish his roasted chicken but jazzed it up to sound Spanish

  23. I cannot speak a lick of Spanish so I didnt realise her Spanish was off until that magician said she spoke Spanish "in a way"

  24. Her testimony in a Mexican court. It’s the worst Spanish I’ve seen from someone. I bet she pronounces queso as “kay-so”.

  25. Peggy's shitty Spanish did help her avoid going to prison in Mexico when she accidentally brought Lupe across international borders

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