Yllish and Naming

  1. The nature of the duality as it relates to naming has been discussed before but not as often as you might think, and I love reading about it whenever it's brought up. I think for many readers it's a new theory.

  2. I can’t cite text, but I have often wondered if Yll was the heart of the empire where Myr Tariniel stood. Also seems to be a good fit for the original homeland of the outcast Adem and the Wandering Edemah Ruh (most likely sister cultures). There is just too much on Yll for it not to be critical to the overall story.

  3. The connection between Yllish and naming is something I've theorized for a while. I think the diff between knots with 4 strands and 6 is also relevant.

  4. The Yllish people were probably using knots long before the Creation War. They were sheep herders and used the yarn from the wool to make the knots. Illian reinterpreted the knots into musical notes and so they were used for magic via music, including naming. When Kvothe has his battle with Felurian he sang her deep name. Also recall that the Adem started out as shepherds and were made nomads traveling from place to place with their herds of sheep.

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