Is it just me or is demonic possession extremely overpowered?

  1. On red knight mission right now, difficulty spike is real! Barely got through the first one. Patch was supposed to help. Spoiler, it did not.

  2. People who have problems in act 3/4(hard) basically try and trade damage. You can't. You need to blitz/kill/disable/kite the enemies before they even reach you. Unless you know what you are doing like building a functioning tank with support comp, otherwise think of every hero you have as a glass cannon.

  3. I usually go through every mission without taking any HP damage, or if i do i usually heal it back up before taking and vitality damage. However, in both these missions (demonic possession) not only is it practically impossible to hold back the enemies (due to how many they are) it's also practically impossible to kill 1 or two in one turn. This wouldn't be an issue but the fact that as soon as they get up close they pummel a character with so much HP damage that it makes them useless for the next mission (healing injuries) they most of the time outright kill them.

  4. The game does punish you a little bit for wasting time on knights you're not going to keep. If you're on the fence about one, I say toss em.

  5. It's funny that this post comes up today. I just did Morgana's mission last night. A couple people from my "A" team needed to recover in the hospice and my best "B" team members were off on events.

  6. The first fight of that mission is by far the hardest as it has the most enemies kind of surrounding you. Do not rush out to fight them, you need to play defensively. Lay down debuffs and cc to reduce their turns. Stack chill and shock as much as possible. If you have a sage with ice wall, also use it to prevent them from running right at you, make them take the long way around. If you have an arcanist, slow their melee as much as possible. Try and focus down single targets rather than splitting damage.

  7. Oh boy you better get ready, it gets even worse in regards to the possessed enemies later on. In a later mission an NPC shows up that you have to protect with an absurd amount of enemies around or else it's a game over. They pummeled him dead in two turns flat with numerous attacks to spare, I don't know what to do. I'm too busy trying not to die myself. And granted, this is AFTER I turned it down to story difficulty thinking it would help. I really hope they do something about this.

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