No one told me brewing kombucha was so dangerous!

  1. What type of bottles were they? If they weren’t rated for carbonation pressure then it could be possible the bottle was severely weakened during carbing, and just happened to break when jostled 🤷‍♂️

  2. It was a brewing bottle, sold specifically to be used for kombucha brewing. I’ve used the same bottle perhaps 5 times before at most. I’m planning on writing to the company about it (unless someone tells me it was my fault for doing something stupid) because I’ve only had the bottles for a short time and they are marketed for exactly this purpose.

  3. I know folks love the whatever top bottles (flip) but it seems easier and safer to unscrew when unsure how much pressure there is. May not have changed your outcome anyway. I have been bottling a plastic bottle with each batch so I can gauge how much carbonation there is by feel.

  4. Definitely. I got these bottles because they are the same brand as my starter kit but if I had found this subreddit and read the info here first then I would have just bought some premade kombucha and reused those bottles - that’s what the smaller bottles are.

  5. Even when using fermentation grade bottles, you should always assume the contents of the bottle are potentially under a ton of pressure. Especially in the summer when carbonation happens quickly. This is why I always open my bottles with a rag around the glass. You live and you learn!

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