Reverse isekai. Aqua is kazuma’s bum of an older step sister that’s mooching off of him while he studies for exams. Sauce unknown.

  1. In the manga she actually gets fat for a few chapters because she did nothing but lay on the couch and eat snacks lol

  2. Except misato has a job, and megumin (darkness?) Isn't comatose, scratch that, not even Kazuma would go that far. (Sorry shinji, just you man)

  3. Hm. I'd totally like to see this. Defeat the demon lord? Congratulations, the cast gets Isekaid to earth and has to struggle with modern life. Maybe even kinda parody a lot of common sol stuff. Who knows? I'd find it hilarious either way.

  4. This would be an awesome plot twist. Like you said, they get isekaid after defeating the demon lord back to Kazuma’s home on Earth. Love the idea. I don’t think there’s many Reverse Isekai anime out there tbh.

  5. In the konosuba cd episodes, one of them includes them going to Japan, although it's not canonical and is closer to an abandoned ova, so all we have are the voice acting and sound design. Definitely worth a listen if you haven't already heard them.

  6. Not just a Tinder but an Onlyfans as well,Kazuma's job at the Mcronalds with Maou doesn't make ends meet sadly.

  7. They need to. I would totally watch a reverse Isekai version of KonoSuba. It better have the funny stuff that we love in KonoSuba.

  8. There's a lot of fun details in the background, but I came to the comment section to say I was not expecting to see Aqua's feet today

  9. Oh? It actually never crossed my mind on why Kazuma became a shut in. Figured he just stopped showing up. Can you provide sauce for this?

  10. man the branding on that silver can. it says konosuba at least 3 times. we know what brand it is. companies need to chill.

  11. Eris pads her chest, therefore her beer is probably fortified, a Boiler Maker in a can basically. A booze hound like Aqua would forgive a little blasphemy for a quicker drunk.

  12. I don't think that counts as a reverse isekai. BUT...a reverse isekai where a lazy goddess mooches off of Kazuma and lays around all day would be hilarious

  13. not gonna lie this would be a really interesting spin-off, like lets say every character that is in Konosuba just casually gets isekaid to Kazuma's world and its just a goofy slice of like anime in some way

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