Can foreigners get a job as a lawyer in the US?

  1. Side note, but NAFTA created TN visas for Canadians in certain professions, including law. So, unlike everyone else, don't need to jump through a million hoops and deal with the H1B nightmares, etc.

  2. It might be slightly harder to get a job because, as others have said, you'll likely need sponsorship from your employer for work visa purposes. That requirement is not insurmountable. Many big firms will sponsor you, but this does put you at a slight disadvantage relative to others because the process is lengthy, expensive, and requires upfront investment on the part of the employer. If you're not interested in a big firm or unsure if you'll place at one after graduation, the prospects of finding a sponsoring employer might be a little tougher but not impossible.

  3. Be a JAG officer. Joining the military is a good way to work in the states without citizenship yet. I’m no recruiter but I served with people from all over the world and loved it.

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