For those willing to share, how much have you spent on this free game?

  1. I've spent way too much... What makes it worse is my ENTIRE family (Wife, kids, brother-in-law, family friends) loves playing League. A lot of what I spend goes into them via gifts and what not.

  2. Argument at dinner "the drag wasnt up for another 1:30 honey! Why didnt you help at rift, even Billy and Kevin came from bot" "well then I had to catch bot wave!"

  3. Spent 120, but i know 100 of those are because the father of the friend of a friend had to close a shop and his son didn't play league so they gave a ton of RP cards to my friend that then shared them with me

  4. 0 I main whatever champ I get a good skin of in chests. (Mechs kingdoms Jax, nightbringer yasuo, sands of time ryze, dragonslayer twitch) I am thinking of maining aatrox(I recently rerolled justicaraatrox).

  5. I've been playing since Halloween of Season 2, I don't know how much I spent before the OCE server was made because the Riot site doesn't show but since the OCE server started its Beta I've spent $3861AUD most of my allowance back in high school was spent on League and some of my adult money gets spent on League (when not going towards necessary stuff like food and bills) I'd probably have a decent computer by now if I didn't spend so much on League.

  6. A hair under 1000 USD. Don’t regret it. Great game, great company. Drop a skin better than God King Garen and I’ll do it again

  7. Not sure what my total is right now, but last time I did the maths it was on average $20/month which is perfectly acceptable to spend in a hobby.

  8. $884.69. Just checked using that link you posted in another comment. Higher than I was expecting, but honestly I don’t regret it. Been playing pretty consistently since 2014. I flex in SR and play a lot of ARAM. I own every champ and have a goal to have at least one skin with each one. I’m 8 champs away 😄

  9. Between 3k and 4k, there isn't a resource to check anymore is there? Back when there was a website that would check for you I was low 3000's

  10. Last time I checked (8 months ago) I was well over $10,000, but I spent a lot of it on my friend group of 4-5 people, and we have all been playing since season 2. So average it out to about 3K per friend over 10 years, including myself :copium:

  11. None over a 120 level account (with 2 ultimate skins, one being seraphine, so technically 1)and another level 50 one(different region because a friend's main acc is there), i kinda proud myself around it lol.

  12. I bought a pass once, and some 1350 RP skins, like 5 of them in total. I've been playing for 8 years, on and off, so I don't really consider it that much in the grand scheme of things.

  13. £35 or about $40. Wanted some skins and thought yeah riot are actually not that bad of a company so I don’t mind contributing to season 2/3 of Arcane

  14. You know I think I’m around 2100, but over the years I’ve played, it averaged out to about 12 bucks a month. The ratio of enjoyment to time to money and whatnot? Maybe not a favorite use of money in a game but very few games still grab me after more than a decade playing them…. Credit where it’s due, I suppose.

  15. Funny story, spent around $3.5k trying to complete my collection with workshop Shaco... Only for it to show up in the 'your shop' at the end of the year...

  16. i want to collect all skins. currently i spent 4000€ and hit the 1000 skins checkmark during last event. so around 450 skins (by the rime reaching it more likely 500) and 2000 € more to go. as former lux main i see myself in the dept of founding arcane s2 XD

  17. Somehow I've spent 10 cad don't remember buying that lol but I'm at 2447 and I've played sense season 4 on this account my original beta account was lost to time

  18. Probably between $100 and $150. I have a good paying job and have get a lot of enjoyment out of the game, have stopped buying new steam games and pretty much only play league now. I have no problem with how much I spend or the spending model they use tbh.

  19. 120$ (1/3 of min. wage where i'm from). Stopped when they introduced hextech crafting, i find it not worth anymore when someone with a bit of luck can have the same skin as me who paid for it.

  20. Maybe $500. I bought my friends RP cards for birthdays and christmas because I didn't know what to get them. IDK if that counts. Not too much for myself though. Maybe $50 since season 3.

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  22. None, I mainly save the rp I get from the prime chest to get the skins I want when they come out in the shop; it isn't much but I'm patient enough

  23. over 5k € now i think. dont regret it cause i love the designs and the game altogether. i think i have all the skins now cause everytime i reroll i get a mythic skin so there wont be a need to spend more other than event passes cause i like them.

  24. Too much and know for a fact that when they release the possible legendary pyke skin and jhin prestige i will still buy

  25. 1k euros on my main, Minimum of 50 euros on every account I've owned which is like 8 I think so would guess around 1.5k in total

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  27. $ 1300 or a little under. played years and most of that was from when i was a kid and spent everything on league and always asked for rp cards for gifts. in the last 3 years i have spent like 50 max, either on a pass to get a prestige or a skin i really like

  28. About 1k$, there is a bit of regret here and there but in the end I don‘t mind spending money on something I love.

  29. 450€... Been playing from 2016. I have a friend that spent more or less 3k€ overall in a few different currencies. Worst part is that he is only like level 200

  30. 650 euro on main account (which got banned for tft botting) since then ive spend 0 on leagu except for the prime subscription.

  31. less than 50$ total, bought a pass once and that got me alot of skins in the long run, also playing alot of aram and doing well seems to get me chest

  32. 400 not accounting for the 50 my friends gave me for various celebrations. Too bad the skin I currently want is something money cant buy ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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