Shoresy Voice Navigation Option on Waze. Currently at 132 Votes!!! Can we make it happen?

  1. "Take a right. Speaking of right, Jonesy's mother's not right in bed. I'm still having flashbacks and haven't looked at fruit gushers the same way since."

  2. If they do I'll totally give Waze another shot. I tried it when it first came out and it drained my battery faster than it could charge.

  3. Modern phones don't have that problem (usually). Obviously that's hardware dependent, but any decent phone should be fine. Older models, from back when Waze was new were fairly susceptible to that issue.

  4. Fuck you, Riley. I told your mom to turn left and she almost ripped my cock off because I hadn't pulled out yet

  5. As much as I’d love it Waze likely has a policy against profanity and even if we had millions it wouldn’t be the REAL Shoresy.

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