LPT If you're planning on visiting San Francisco please for the love of God do not leave ANYTHING of even a vague resemblance of value in your car, or your windows will get smashed and you'll lose it.

  1. I remember visiting NYC like 30 years ago and seeing lots of cars with little stickers on the passenger side window that said ‘no radio - no valuables’ to deter thieves. Not sure if they helped though.

  2. I have a memory of someone posting a picture of their car with the windows down and someone still decided to cut the top of the convertible to get in.

  3. Nope, doesn’t help. I lived in SF last year. Our car got broke into 5 times in a two-month’s span. We had nothing in the car and had a sticky note up on the window saying, “Nothing in car. Have a nice day. :)” Nope. Still broke the window. We were in a “nice” part of SF too (Pac Heights).

  4. Yeah this is the real life pro tip, make your commuting vehicle so nasty looking even the homeless are like nahhhh. Thats how i do it. Never had my car broken into after that. Going on 8 years...also for nicer cars i just leave doors unlocked and nothing inside with a camera "you are being watched sticker" most homeless are super paranoid and then it looks like a bait car.

  5. My car was broken into so much, one night I filled my car with things like shopping bags, a suitcase, couple cheap purses that I filled with papers and wrappers and small bags filled with more papers, empty CD cases (very early 2000’s) then a box of cigarettes that we put rollies filled with yard waste in. I woke the following morning to everything rifled through but nothing stolen but the fake cigarettes. I just got some satisfaction out of completely wasting their time. They went through many cd cases until they realized they were all empty, and every single purse and tiny bag inside tiny bag had been gone through. My car was never broken into while living there again.

  6. My buddy had a Diesel VW wagon, dented up, broken back window, a real shit box. Street parks it in his Chicago south side neighborhood overnight. Came out the next morning to find a pair of sneakers on the back seat. He tells me “my car is so pathetic, the crackheads are leaving me donations!”

  7. Facts. I had a spray painted green Honda with paint everywhere on the interior with clear windows. Never had to pay for glass

  8. I did this on Oahu, where da window break-in was a big problem back in the late-2000s. Lots of crumpled up newspapers and old food wrappers. I never had a problem. Got pretty cocky about it and sometimes had my laptop underneath the trash, but it worked out ok.

  9. This doesn't work in SF. Our car thieves see anything in an empty car and go "Oh? This person is forgetful and forgot to throw out their trash? I bet they also forgot to remove a laptop from the glove compartment! Better break the window just to be sure!"

  10. Last time my window got smashed, they took everything, even broke the dashboard to get the cd player. Everything except for the prescription Ray Bans sunglasses. I like to think that they took pity when trying them on. Yeah, true mole sight.

  11. Someone broke into my car a few years ago and they went through my CD collection but didn't take any. It made me sad that even a lowly thief had better taste in music than me.

  12. It’s crazy to me that some people get their windows smashed to the point where they say “last time my window got smashed…” It’s such a foreign existence to my childhood where the house wouldn’t even be locked.

  13. I had someone steal my prescription sunglasses before. I could only imagine they swiped first, and tried them on later.

  14. I live in Atlanta and have taken to just leaving my car unlocked (of course being sure to not leave any valuables). One or two times I came back to my doors being opened and someone had rifled through the car. At most, I lost some spare coins and a charger but at least my window was intact. I don’t know if this is a good practice for everyone everywhere, but I’d really hate to come back to a smashed window.

  15. That’s nice, one time I forgot my prescription ray bans in a rental car, returned at 11pm, went back the next morning at 7am and they were gone, “nobody saw them”

  16. My sister went to college in Minneapolis. Her car got broken into... they took almost everything, including the kleenex box... but they left her Christian music cds.

  17. I had some people break into my home a few years back when I was out getting groceries. They’d obviously been watching and waited for me to leave. When I returned to see the window smashed in, the cat litter box was beneath the window and I was immediately concerned for my cats. Come to find out, the burglars had cleaned the litter box for the cats - neatly stacking the larger sheets of glass outside the box in a pile, and scooped the rest of the glass into the trash can with the litter scoop.

  18. I’ve always found that hilarious. It’s like, why does Dirty Mike get to be called by name and the rest are just “the boys”? Idk, but I find that fucking hilarious because of that.

  19. I had homeless people break into my car and F--- once. Left their cloths and a condom. Fucking worst smell ever.

  20. My buddy who lived in SF had his car stolen, found it around the block with newspapers lining the windows and needles in the car, smelled awful. Literally the first thought was dirty mike and the boys

  21. Here's what we're talkin' about, we're talkin' about a buncha hobos with their fingers in each other's pooper in a stranger's car with talk radio playing really loud in the background, it's gonna be a nice little evening.

  22. This movie randomly has turned into one of my most re-watched. I probably watch it once a year, which is a lot for me. I think my wife and I love it so much, cause she is sort of a female version of will farels character. She never was a pimp, but she is super into rule following, works absurdly hard, and gets messed with for it by life, hah. I was also a hobo for a couple years, hopping freight trains, and so their humorous take on actual homeless culture, is less depressing than the actual homeless culture, of untreated mental health problems.

  23. Dirty Mike : How you fellas doin'? We about to have us a little screw party in this red Prius over here if you wanna join us.

  24. My Subaru got busted into because I left, and I am in no way joking, a paper plate and plastic fork in view. Passenger side window was gone. So was the flatware.

  25. Meanwhile in Wisconsin I accidentally left my lift gate open when I went into target this morning and sat like that for a half hour + without issue

  26. The real advice here is to open a vehicle window repair shop in downtown San Francisco and make absolute bank.

  27. Yea but real estate is too expensive to make bank. The more human poop on the sidewalk the higher the price.

  28. LPT if you’re visiting San Francisco, don’t rent a car. There is no parking. Zero, zilch, nada. There’s a reason Uber was created in SF.

  29. Is San Francisco's transit useful for tourists? Like, would I be able to manage without a car or having to pay for an Uber?

  30. also dont pay for parking, rent a room at a cheap hotel near the pier. i stayed in SF for 3 days while road tripping the coast and i got a motel about 10 minute walk from fishermans wharf for $77/night. i just parked my truck there for the full 3 days and walked/bussed/scootered everywhere.

  31. My wife and I along with our 10 and 7 year old went last summer and we used public transit exclusively. It was way cheaper since rental cars were like $200 a day at the time.

  32. When I lived in detroit, someone broke my window to steal my emergency blanket 🥲 I even had cash and my social security card in there and they just took the blanket. Like bro I would have given you the blanket if you waited 10 minutes to avoid my window getting smashed

  33. I spend a lot of time in Detroit and never personally had any issues, but there is a saying that "a locked door is a broken window!"

  34. I once had someone unzip the top to my Jeep to get in it while it was parked for a week. They stole an already open bag of sunflower seeds and my shift knob. They left the ipod, stereo, headphones...

  35. This happened to me -- 15-20m inside an in-n-out burger and the car windows were smashed. They took laptop bag (I was dumb) and luggage but left a $20k server box in the back. We called the cops and talked to the manager of the burger shop and they said the camera pointing at the parking lot was broken.

  36. If you were at in-and-out that means you were in Fisherman's Wharf. Break-ins rates are notoriously high there because there are so many tourists (like you) who leave valuables and even luggage in their cars.

  37. I ran into a walmart for 15 mins. My passanger side door was unlocked (manual locks didnt realize it was unlocked) I got nothing of value in my car. They stole a phone charger and half a pack of smokes lol. I didnt even realize someone broke in for a min. I was like "where the fuck did I put my ciggarettes?!" then I noticed the charger was missing

  38. Same shit happens in Hawaii. My wife left her cell phone on the seat when we went into Taco Bell one time (we had just moved to the state)... We walk inside, she realizes she doesn't have it, and I walk outside to get it and find a smashed window lol. Whole thing took maybe a minute.

  39. I'm not American so I don't get it. If it's that bad, how about car owners who live there? Do they only park in their own locked garage and indoor parking areas?

  40. If you live here you don’t leave anything in your car ever. You have a residential parking permit and the thieves know you’re not stupid enough to leave anything in your car. And if your car has a catalytic converter, you have added a lock on it.

  41. It's the first rule of SF. Don't leave anything in your car. Also many people don't own a car because it's a walkable/bikeable city.

  42. It’s probably worse in the touristy areas. I’ve lived here for over a decade and only have had my windows smashed once. I’ve always parked on the street.

  43. Lived in SF for 25 years, parking on the street every night. I've never had a problem even though I live on a street with a lot of break ins. My family never leaves anything in the car. I'm ready for a break in though, i know it'll happen one day

  44. My car got stolen 3 x in the one year I owned a car in San Francisco. Granted I had a 1991 Camry. I got it back each time though. The only thing that finally stopped it from getting stolen constantly was installing a hidden kill switch

  45. When I went to school in Newark NJ in the 90's, I would pull my fuel pump fuse on my 89 Stanza when I parked on the street. Even if the thief managed to hotwire it, the engine would only run for about 10-15 seconds before it would run out of gas and die. But nothing would appear out of the ordinary b/c even the fuel gauge still worked.

  46. One time a car filled with computer equipment parked in a guarded Oakland CA parking lot, they were making a stop for food before hitting the road. They come back and it’s been emptied. They run to the guards and asked “What Happened????” Guards shrugged.

  47. I would second this. There is a lot of public transit available and its going to be hell on your ride. Also there is not a lot of good parking.

  48. Actually better to bring your own car than to leave anything in a rental car. The rental car sticker is a signal that you may have tons of luggage in there.

  49. My first day in San Francisco...someone smashed my car window and stole my guitar. I had just moved there and all my belongings were in my car until I could get settled...

  50. Yup I had friends moving cross country and had all their belongings in their car. They visited me in Oakland and parked their car on the street. I said "first things first, DO NOT park your car on the street. Get a hotel with secured parking and come back. Your car WILL be broken into, even during the day, and all your belongings will be gone." They were shocked but they went to their hotel first and then ubered back to hang out. That's devastating that happened to you.

  51. Yeah, same thing happened to me; it's quite a shitty initiation. I moved into upper Hayes Valley, and as I was moving in, someone broke my driver-side window and stole the ONE bag I left in the car for a few minutes. OFC I had sentimental items, my phone, wallet, etc. in there.

  52. Interesting note. San Francisco has the coldest average game time temperature for the year of all MLB ballparks.

  53. Visited last July. Skeptically brought winter wear based on the advice of others. Needed it every day. One day I’m not sure it even got out of the 40s.

  54. Worked there from June to August on a 3 month internship on MTV and I still have this horrible "I love SF" hoodie that I bough later in the first day since I traveled there from Portugal with only summer clothing. My first evening there was hellish cold and I was walking lost as fuck trying to find my apartment in an era predating GPS on phones and I couldn't stand the cold near the bay.

  55. Lmfao I went to Arizona and brought jeans and a sweatshirt my friends were like “why” I’m just like it’s a desert it gets cold at night. And sure enough it gets cold at night lmao.

  56. For real!! First thing I did when I stepped off the subway was buy a heavier coat. Went from 90 degrees outside the city to fifty degrees within city limits. In July. Was clearly not expecting this lol

  57. I went to Yosemite last summer and stayed in SF and Oakland for a few nights. I can't remember who said it, but I once read something like "the coldest winter I ever experienced was a San Francisco summer morning."

  58. Completely true. Lost my best hoodie by parking in SF for a few hours despite it being tucked under the seat. They will steal anything and the cops won't care. They say to fill out a report on their website. They won't even park their car to talk to you. They just yell out the window while you flag them down as they drive by.

  59. Sounds like SF should make a special task force for this kind of issue, if it's as widespread as you are all saying then they definitely don't have the resources to be taking 30-60 minutes for every break in. They would waste every second of every day following up on break-ins performed by people who are likely homeless and long gone.

  60. Friend of mine works for a three letter agency and got their windows smashed. Thieves took everything, including federal stuff so now they're facing federal charges as well as BnE charges. Oops.

  61. To clarify, the vehicle owner is facing federal charges for losing the items or the thief is facing federal charges for stealing them. I'm assuming the latter, but "losing" federal docs can't be too good either.

  62. I thought it was common knowledge not to leave a work laptop or docs in a car? Especially for the fed govt, but for any job. It's part of all our new employees' onboarding and we have quarterly reminders on this and other basic security.

  63. this reminds me of when my mom’s roommate stole her law enforcement gun. all she had to do was cuss them out saying they’re in possession of stolen federal property and she got it back.

  64. Because the parking spaces are RIDICULOUS. You could fit 3 east coast residential spaces in one downtown SF space. So unnecessarily long

  65. Alcatraz if incredible! I went a couple years ago. felt like Nicolas Cage the whole time. Definitely do the free audio tour. Lots of awesome stories!

  66. As someone who lived in SF for years, even if you don't leave anything in your car at all you will still get your windows smashed. It happened to 3+ friends of mine. Don't park in the street in SF if you don't want your windows smashed.

  67. Portland was like this in the 90's. I used to leave my windows down, glovebox open and doors unlocked. The car had nothing in it, I had even removed the stereo and speakers.

  68. I'd never deal with this crap, not sure why anyone would want to live with that daily threat. I've visited before and had a good time but to live there nfw.

  69. I never drive my car to SF for this very reason. I live around 30min away but I will always take the train into SF just to avoid having to park my car there.

  70. I had a convertible once, and intentionally just left the doors unlocked with nothing inside. They still cut the top to get in.

  71. I had a buddy who had his plastic windows on his jeep slashed and a window cut into it, while he left his doors open. He had nothing of value visible and had nothing at all in there. At the end of the day, criminals will be criminals.

  72. This. I live in CA. Parked my car in a suburban’ish neighborhood. Gets broken into. Nothing taken. Called the police. Sent a photo. Got texted an incident report number. Now, During the winter, had to pay extra to get new windows put in.

  73. I'm originally from Detroit and now live in LA. You are correct that DTLA is generally worse than Detroit... But LA also doesn't have a true city center like most cities (DTLA isn't it) so there are many other worthwhile places in the county you can have a good time in, whereas with Detroit, downtown is pretty much the only option outside of suburb main streets.

  74. San Francisco has always been a rough city. The crime today is bad but nothing compared to the 70s + 80s. Go further back to

  75. Booby trapping your car should be legal. If there was a chance of getting maimed for every break in I guarantee people would stop that behavior pretty quick.

  76. Yeah, I learned this lesson back in Houston in the 90s. Buddy of mine left a jacket in the back seat of his car. Some asshole threw a piece of curb through his window so they could steal it.

  77. After getting my shit broken into so many times in Portland Oregon I finally just upped and left the place. I miss it horribly, I miss my family and my friends, half of them I feel like I’ve lied to them and they probably feel the same way, but west coast cities are fucking scary and I had to run. It’s insane how many tears I’ve shed over that place.

  78. I'm from the Bay and it's definitely not a new thing, and the LPT is very true--I tell everyone who visits the same--but the news has been making SF out to be much worse than it is, though it certainly has problems.

  79. Still not 100% safe, sadly. My friend had her window broken, despite an empty interior. The burglars popped the trunk and stole everything she had in there (clothes and groceries).

  80. Can confirm. Had our bags stolen the last day of a business trip, at the hotel we just checked out of. Literal smash and grab job.

  81. DA is not prosecuting a lot of crime and is against standard incarceration. This means you not only have repeat offenders but a dogpile of other criminals who might not have committed had there been repercussions for these given crimes/outsiders.

  82. The real LPT should be don’t bring a car to San Francisco. It is easier to get around without the encumbrance. Use public transit, ride share, walking and biking

  83. Some poor advice here. Tints absolutely help. Google Fast Oakland Glass for quick replacement. They’re really good.

  84. This is great advice. I always make sure I have everything I’m going to take with me in the front seat before I drive to my destination in SF.

  85. I feel sorry for San Fran. I’m pretty sure other cities are bussing their homeless there. I’m on the other coast but I know my city busses out homeless people to other places. It gets to be like no one can be kind to the unhoused or other cities will offload their burdens on them.

  86. I recently moved from SF to Ohio after living there for 28 years. I absolutely loved it there and was in awe of the beauty there daily. The first time I walked around Golden Gate park I felt like I was in a scene from Star Trek with all the cool massive ferns. I could see a bit of the ocean from my top floor flat and spent many days at Baker Beach watching the dolphins play. Amazing beauty!

  87. My family grew up in south africa and a good tip my dad said is never leave your car locked, if someone is determined to get in your car they will, so it's better to not have a smashed window.

  88. Depends on the average level of thief in your area. Some will walk around checking door handles and only sack the unlocked ones.

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